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United Rebel Front

Unknown date, 2480s

Company Information

Organized insurgency


Reach (2554 onwards)


Unknown, possibly Cambid Drake

Chronological and Political Information
Then-Staff Sergeant James Corbett: "I thought these bastards got wiped out decades ago!"
Corporal Audrey: "Negative sir! They got a big boost after we pounded the Union!"
―When ambushed by rebel insurgents, c. 2558

The United Rebel Front, also known at one point as the Fist of God and his People, was a Human secessionist faction that was most prominent during the twenty-sixth century.

Formed at some point between 2503 and 2507 by a number of ex-United Nations Space Command officers, the Front has captured dozens of strongholds both inside and out of the Human Sphere during its long, 150-year existence. In their most notable conflict with the UNSC, the URF's leadership sent tens of thousands of its loyal followers into battle against both UNSC and UN Peacekeeper forces during the 2580s. Some of the Front's most prized accomplishments, however, are the many pieces of equipment that it exclusively fielded, including, but not limited to the Warthog Armored Personnel Carrier, V5905 Calvary Dropship, and the Bulldog General Purpose Missile.