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United Rebel Front
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Rebel-Terrorist organization

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Unknown, before 2494


The United Rebel Front is a complex, well organized faction of Humans devoted to complete liberation from the influence of the United Earth Government and the United Nations Space Command. It is led by three Generals, one of which was General Howard Graves before his death in 2531.

History Edit


During the large attempted Coup D'etat of 2472, various prominent CMA Army Generals attempted to wrest control of the UNSC Command. The Coup inevitably failed, however, but this also set up the foundations of the URF.

Human-Covenant WarEdit

The United Rebel Front claimed to have a number of people suffering from Boren's Syndrome, and in 2531, they were willing to trade some of their nuclear weapons for treatment of their people from UNSC doctors.[1] The UNSC sent in five Spartans, notably known as the Blue Team, to take the weapons and kill any rebel leaders.[2] It turned out that the entire plan, was an elaborate trap engineered by Graves to capture the Spartans. The Rebels were unsuccessful in capturing the Spartans thanks to Spartan-051 who ambushed and killed numerous rebels including General Howard Graves, with an Asteroidea Anti-Personnel Mine while Graves was "interrogating" the rest of the Spartans, who were unable to move due to the effect of Neural Inhibitor Collars.[3]

The Rebel base on Eridanus Secundus was visited two times by the Spartans. The first time was in 2525 when Blue Team captured the rebel leader Colonel Robert Watts, then again in 2552, when the Spartans and Admiral Danforth Whitcomb visited the facility aboard the Gettysburg-Ascendant Justice for repairs before returning to Earth.

Necros WarEdit

Equipment UsedEdit



  • Warthogs and Variants
  • Technicals
    • TurboGen Spade
    • HuCiv Genet
    • HuCiv HC1500
    • HuCiv HC1600
  • Wagner Miret G150 Darter
  • Wagner Miret G188 Mayfair
  • Wagner Miret G202 Finch
  • Wagner Miret G221 Super lifter



Notable MembersEdit


  • Liko
  • Exodus
  • Ezra
  • Nehemiah


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