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Sang Flag
The Republic
Political information
Type of government

Meritocratic democracy, military driven republic

Head of State

High Council of the Sangheili

Head of Government

Supreme Councillor


Imperator Thel 'Vadam

Societal information

Katruna City, Sanghelios

Official language


State religious body

Path to Ascension

National holiday

3rd of March

Historical information
Formed from

Swords of Sanghelios

Date of establishment

16th of May, 2563

Date of dissolution



The Sangheili Republic, better known as just The Republic is the Unified government of the Sangheili, encompassing the bureaucratic, governmental, colonial and other branches of the Sangheili people. Governing Sanghelios, and all her colonies, the Republic strives to reverse mistakes of the past, and drive the Covenant into extinction.



The Republic's early history can be tied directly back to the Schism. When the Prophets betrayed their Sangheili protectors, and the Sangheili fought back in a violent campaign. In the years after the end of the war, the Sangheili continued to fight, amongst one another, and with the Covenant Remnants. What is now known as the Republic formed from the Swords of Sanghelios. A coalition of Sangheili forces, dedicated to defeating the Remnants of the Covenant, they were lead by the Arbiter, Thel 'Vadam. While he had near-unconditional command over the total force of the Swords, he extolled the concept of returning to a Sangheili High Council, like the old days, where the Sangheili's leaders would convene to lead their people.

The Republic remained a pipe dream as long as the war on Sanghelios continued, but following the Swords' victory over their enemies, the First Council was established, with the former Arbiter now positioning himself as the leader of the military. This first council, made up of Kaidons from across Sanghelios, and her nearest colonies, established the Republic, a unifying political and military organisation dedicated to the protection of the Sangheili, protection of their worlds, and the revival of their culture. What started as a return to their old ways became a renaissance, as the Sangheili took their first tentative steps into rediscovering themselves.


The Sangheili established a government that extends from regional to encompassing the entire Republic.

State Government

At the State level, the ruler is the Kaidon of that state. The Kaidon and his elders rule undisputed, their word is law within their State, though ultimately they answer to the Council, and the High Council. Each has a very high level of autonomy, and enough power to make their own laws. They govern the day to day operations of the State, and usually delegate through vassal Keeps. If a Kaidon proves weak, or incompetent, he's disposed of soon enough, and the Elders of the state select a new Kaidon.


Any given planet forms a Council, with Kaidons of that world coming in person, or sending a representative, usually a Clan elder. Sending anybody but the most well suited is seen as insulting, and has been used before as a method of protest against a Council. Here councillors decide on planetary issues, and guide the future of their world. Only Sanghelios itself does not have a Council. It's Councillors are instead part of the High Council.

High Council

The High Council is the supreme government of the Republic, with decisions made inside the court affecting the whole of the Republic. Ultimately, it is a a democracy, and any motions put forward by a High Councillor or any other member of the High Council, must be passed by a majority vote. Each planetary council is expected to send five Kaidons, who represent their world, and its interests. Kaidons are expected to levy their people's needs first, above personal gain. He's also expected to be honest and just in his actions, or face the scrutiny of the Crusaders, some of whom stalk the halls of the Council. The Council must also establish a majority vote to decide upon the Supreme Councillor, leader of their government.

Supreme Councillor

The Councillors vote amongst themselves to elevate one of their number to the lofty rank of Supreme Councillor. The Supreme Councillor is the undisputed leader of the Republic, given executive powers over the High Council and Military in order to take immediate action, or veto. It is the Supreme Councillor who swears in the the positions of Council Oracle, and Council Merchant. The Supreme Councillor is elected for terms of six years, before he requires re-election. After, the decision is unanimous, or near unanimous, as the High Councillors decide on the best amongst them, usually through debate.


The Justiciars are the intelligence agency of the Republic, dedicated to gather intelligence, and conducting counter-intelligence. They enjoy a strong level of autonomy from both the High Council and the Swords of Sanghelios, due to their establishment during the civil war as their own independent faction. The Justiciars were founded by oracle masters and former Ossoonas, dedicated to gather intelligence in the post war era. Now they are a firmly established and well funded agency, who conduct a shadowy war to ensure the security of the Republic. They have access to stealth vessels and elite strike teams, as well as ample intelligence gathering technology. The Justiciars have a certain forcefulness to their methods, but their successes have entrenched them in the Republic. The Justiciars are usually given free access to the Republic's forces, often choosing to utilises units from the Special Warfare Group, Zealots and Assassins.


The Inquisition is a newly established group, replacing previous militia groups used by the state. The Inquisition functions as a law enforcement group, enforcing the law across the entire Republic, establishing small constabularies in accordance with local Kaidons. The Inquisition is a proactive force, prosecuting dangerous elements, and conducting pre-emptive operations against dissidents and terrorist organisations. Somewhat begrudgingly, they also enforce military law, punishing any who deviate from the strict code of honour used by the military. In later years, they began forming their own military forces, called the Inquisitorial Guard, who attempted to rival the Swords.

Merchants Guilds

A conglomeration of the various armouries and merchant organisations that support the Republic, the groups have a strong presence, especially in the political theatre. These groups produce the entirety of the Republic's weapons and war machines, and the armouries themselves are state-owned. The Merchant guilds however, exist as independent, and in some cases, sovereign groups, such as the the Merchants of Qikost.

Military Orders

Sangheili have long had a history of Military Orders, fraternity of warriors dedicated to a single purpose. Some have risen and fallen, while others remain strong. The Republic maintains good relations with most Orders, and some have been partially or fully integrated into their military.


The Ascetics are a order of Warrior-Scholars, dedicated to the preservation of Sangheili culture. Strong proponents of the Republic, they support it through action, ensuring the purity of their culture. Each is a brilliant warrior, and a great scholar, specialising in history, poetry, story telling, writing and interpretation. They send envoys to the military to act as cultural advisor to officers, and to keep troop morale high. They also provide combat units, in the form of the Ascetic Guard, fighting alongside the Swords, and conduct archaeological missions to secure their lost past.

The Crusaders

An order of wandering knights, the Crusaders rout out injustice, corruption and crime, purifying it. Expert investigators, they travel the length and breadth of Sangheili space. Rightly feared by criminals and the corrupt, the Crusaders attack organized crime with an resolve stronger than most.

Light of Helios

An elite sect, the Light of Helios train the finest honour guard in the Republic. The Light of Helios offer to train body-guards for the most important figures, such as the Imperator, and the High Council. Renowned for their skill at arms, rigid discipline and self-sacrifice, the Light of Helios are highly sought after.

Guardians of Faith

A religious order, the Guardians of Faith have a number of sects devoted to different religious denominations. They establish guards for religious sites, shrines, pilgrimages, and priests, training fervent warriors willing to protect their religious freedoms. They also stamp out cultism and religious extremism.

Honour Guard

One of the most ancient orders, they have trained elite honour guard warriors for years. They train hundreds for service in ceremonial guard units, protecting Councillors, Kaidons and Officers. Honour Guard are known to be dutiful, even in the face of insurmountable odds.

Envoys of Fortitude

Explorers and frontiersmen, the Envoys explore, chart and colonise new worlds, taming them so they're ready for the arrival of colonists. While most are rough around the edges, the Envoys are brave and intrepid. The Republic pays them a fee for finding and charting new worlds, and turns to them to tame dangerous ones.

Void Lords

Freelance captains, the Void Lords maintain a peaceful vigil over Sanghelios, maintaining its security with a vigilance uncommon to most naval forces. Experts in defence, they have been funded by the Republic to establish chapters on other core Sangheili worlds, in hopes of creating a strong defensive network.

Reliquary Sentinels

A secretive group of knights, they are experts in Forerunner technology. These mysterious warriors prefer to contain the technology, excavating, buying, or otherwise stealing it, and locking it in a vault. The Sentinels choose to share some of their findings with the Republic, for a price, but keep the most dangerous technology locked away.

Hospitaller Saints

Both a philanthropic aid group, and trained battlefield medics, Hospitaller Saints are calm under fire, and precise when treating injuries. While they have a certain stigma about them, they've become more accepted amongst the Sword, treating their frontline casualties, allowing them to return to the fight, or return home alive.

Onyx Knights

An order of mercenaries, they take Writs of execution issued by Kaidons, the Inquisition, or the Council. This writs call for the death or capture of dangerous criminals, brigands, and so on. The Onyx Knights hunt them down, with a steely reserve and fierce determination. Once their target is in their sights, they don't relent, hunting them across worlds, and across warzones.

Zealot Chapters

Not a single Military Order, but a collection of many, the Zealots are unique warrior-brotherhoods, devoted to singular causes. With unique equipment, training, and tactics, the Zealots perform missions at the behest of the Swords of Sanghelios, gather intelligence, striking at the enemy, and recovering artefacts.

Swords of Sanghelios

The Republic's military, the Swords of Sanghelios, differs from the UNSC, in that rather than having several branches to denote special purposes, the Republic only has one single military force. This singular focus gives the Republic Military a clear chain of command, and a stronger cohesiveness in the field. The Swords are highly independent, being free from much of the High Council's control.

The Sword focuses on large scale military action, rather than focusing on small squad based tactics, like the UNSC. When both on the offence and defence, the Republic relies on a large amount of tough, reliable and head strong soldiers. In recent years more and more emphasis has been placed on chain of command, small unit tactics, survival over honour and mixed/joint forces co-operating in unison. In recent years, improved technology has opened the path for new tactics, and new methods.

The Sword forces has grown, and now draw a tithe of warriors from every world in the Republic, with each State expected to provide able-bodied warriors for the Republic. Trained and equipped, they then become part of the glorious Sword, an honour for any warrior. Despite the breaking of the Union, the Sangheili still draw on allies in the form of their protectorates. Some allied Kig-Yar clans still sign contracts with the Sangheili for work, and Lekgolo still provide their gestalt hives for combat purposes. There are also forces drawn from Jiralhanae and Human allies.

Naval Forces

In any engagement, the Naval commander is the leader of any operation. Fleets are often ad-hoc constructions, less rigidly structured that UNSC fleets. Fleets can vary from a handful of ships, to hundreds. Regardless of the ship, or the size of the fleet, the commander of a starship is always called 'Ship Master' while the commander of the fleet is called 'Fleet Master'. Most often, they are Generals, and any variance in posting is due to individual talent or experience. The Fleet Master is responsible for both promotion and procurement within his fleet, organising new ships, and officers to command them. For operations, all warships and starcraft are considered under the Fleet Master's command, unless needs are dictated by a Field Master.

Their warships has seen numerous changes, especially with them now upgrading all their ships to sport torpedo defences and to improve ship-to-ship weaponry. They have also invested heavily in electronic-countermeasures, and Associated Intelligences, making each ship much more lethal.

Many starships used by the Sword are ships taken from the former Covenant, and rejuvenated through heavy augmentation, such as the Templar-class Corvette, Avenger-class Heavy Destroyer, Retribution-class Battlecruiser, and the Venerator-class Assault Carrier. However, they have also reintroduced pre-Covenant vessels, recovered from graveyards and long abandoned fleet posts, and then refitted to modern standards, such as the Judgement-class Man O' War, Prosecutor-class Blockade Runner, and Crusader-class Brigantine. They've also introduced new designs, such as the Penance-class Cruiser, Sanctifier-class Support Cruiser, and Adjudicator-class Combat Supply Ship. The highlight of the Sword naval forces is the Sanghelios-class Dreadnaught. Built on pre-Covenant designs, the Sanghelios-class is a massive warship and a monstrous star-behemoth, and strikes fear into the Covenant. Republic ships are superior to older Covenant vessels, by virtue of continuous upgrades, and superior maintenance protocols, ensuring each ship is well maintained. They have begun to experiment with more radical technology for starships, featuring limpet ships and drone vessels.

  • Vigilant-class Stealth Corvette: The Sword's main intelligence gathering ship, the Vigilant-class is small, fast, and invisible to sensor, allowing it to silently observe far reaching foes.
  • Messenger-class Light Corvette: Primarily a courier vessel, the Messenger-class also provides short-range planetary defence and performs anti-criminal missions.
  • Judgement-class Man O' War: Built on forbidden technologies, and forgotten for centuries, the Judgement-class has finally been brought back to war, Fast, and extremely powerful, it serves as a hunter-killer.
  • Endeavour-class Escort: An older Covenant vessel, the Endeavour class is an escort vessel, designed to protect larger vessels, civilian vessels, and guard planets against invaders.
  • Templar-class Corvette: The mainstay of the Covenant fleet, the Templar mixes ample firepower with a powerful complement, and is at home engaging in fleet battles or supporting planetary invasions.
  • Guardian-class Destroyer: A heavily armoured, and heavily armed escort vessel, the Guardian is often seen guarding carriers and protecting the Sword's heavy ships.
  • Avenger-class Heavy Destroyer: A fast and heavily armed assault vessel, the Avenger-class is the smallest class to pack a energy projector, and is designed to break through planetary defences and mount invasions.
  • Vengeance-class Heavy Destroyer: A modification of the Avenger-class, the Vengeance-class features two limpet ships that are piloted by their own AI, and conduct electronic interference against the enemy.
  • Hunter-class Light Cruiser: A lightweight, and mobile cruiser, it guards the flanks of the Sword fleets, and acts as their vanguard.
  • Penance-class Cruiser: An armoured assault shit, the Penance-class rushes forward, forward guns pounding the enemy.
  • Sanctifier-class Support Cruiser: A unique vessel, it provides electronic coverage to the fleet, and also uses a beam weapon that reinforces and restores starship shielding.
  • Retribution-class Battlecruiser: The building blocks of the Sword fleet, the Retribution-class is a perfect all-rounder that conducts a variety of operations against the enemies of the Republic. At home during fleet actions, planetary invasions, or ground assaults, the Retribution is a go-anywhere, do-anything ship.
  • Prosecutor-class Blockade Runner: A large and fast vessel that is older than the Covenant itself, the Prosecutor races ahead, hitting the enemy on their flank and rear.
  • Reverence-class Grand Cruiser: A large cruiser, its a deadly warship, and a sophisticated command vessel. Such ships lead small fleets into action.
  • Tenet-class Grand Cruiser: A modification of the Reverence-class, the Tenet carries a parasite ship beneath it, a heavily modified Templar-class Heavy Crovette, which it uses for close support, as a scout, or to ferry messages.
  • Relentless-class Heavy Cruiser: A high-tonnage ship, it is not intended for direct combat, but rather long range support, using it's energy projectors to snipe at other vessels.
  • Storm-class Light Carrier: The lightest carrier in the Republic arsenal, the Storm-class is used as a scout, or for rapid-reaction, and brings reinforcements to where the enemy least expects it.
  • Dominator-class Carrier: The main carrier of the Republic, the Dominator is well rounded and deadly for a variety of uses. Mainly a fleet carrier, it supports operations with swarms of fighters.
  • Venerator-class Assault Carrier: A fearsome symbol of Sword power, the Venerator-class is a heavy warship that has enoguh armour and firepower to devastate enemy fleets, then enough troops, fighters, and vehicles to invade a planet, almost single-handedly.
  • Inheritor-class Assault Carrier: The Inheritor is a modified Venator, that sports 4 parasite Monitors, that while slow moving, pack massive amounts of fire power. These ships fire down onto the planet below, softening it up for the ground invasion.
  • Crusader-class Brigantine: A pre-Covenant ship, the Crusader-class is a heavy fleet carrier, carrying massives of fighter support, and heavy armour, but is not ideal for planetary invasions on it's own.
  • Aggressor-class Battleship: A roiling mass of energy projectors, the Aggressor-class sits far beyond the enemy's range and brings down the heaviest warships.
  • Sanghelios-class Dreadnaught: The flagship of the Swords of Sanghelios, and an ancient threat made real, the Sanghelios-class is a fleet unto itself, and leads the Republic forward.
  • Devotion-class Transport: A standardised transport, the Devotion-class ferries materiel, soldiers, and anything else the Republic might need.
  • Adjudicator-class Combat Supply Ship: Designed to support the Republic fleets as they move, the Adjudicator is armed like a warship, and equipped with bountiful storage bays, ferrying supplies for warships.
  • Absolution-class Carrack: Once a ship solely used by Merchants for long-distance journeys, the Absolution has become important as a troop transport, ferrying soldiers and their war fighting materiel into warzones. Tough and resilient, it can stand up to attack.
  • Foundry-class Repair Ship: A mobile repair vessel, the Foundry-class can repair and rearm a fleet for combat duties.
  • Bountiful-class Support Ship: Successor to older vessels, the Bountiful-class supports the Sword fleets far from home by growing it's own food and supplies.

Ground Forces

While secondary to the Naval Command, the ground forces are considered equally important to the Navy in operations. Like the naval forces, they are lead by a General with the title of 'Field Master' who delegates command to other Generals, titled 'Field Commander'. Forces can vary, with Legions, which are equal in size to UNSC divisions, or smaller Field Groups. All warriors, armoured vehicles, and atmospheric craft are considered to be under the command of the Field Master. Often a number of ships, and star fighters, are placed in his command to support operations. His officers are hand picked for the role, and expected to give their best.

Infantry wise, little has changed from the Covenant War, with rank structure and support remaining the same, though the method of ranking and the nature of honour has been changed. The frequency of medics and scouts have increased. Despite this 'modernization' melee weapons are still common, and strict codes of conduct and honour are still considered of highest importance. With their armour, a much more thought out approach has been taken. Many vehicles that were previously hindered by numerous problems have since been rectified and new vehicles fill many gaps where the Covenant armour was weak. Their air power has also become significantly stronger.

The old marking schemes of the Covenant have since been discarded, replaced by soldiers with only singular markings, the crimson of the Swords of Sanghelios. This exists only with special exceptions for commanders and officers.

Special Operations Group

All of the Republic's special forces fall under the broad umbrella of the Special Forces Group, which is lead by the clumsily translated Special Operations Master, who delegates to Special Operations Commanders. The nature of the role, and the SWG itself, is highly malleable, with a wide variety of forces under their command. Most often, a small detachment of the SWG is placed under the command of a Field or Fleet Master, but in rare instances, an SO Commander has lead a task force of his brothers into the fight.

Fleet Security

A broad category, this group falls directly under the purview of fleet commanders. Fleet Security is primarily concerned with the protection of the fleet, in both a combat and intelligence manner. The bulk of Fleet Security are well trained, disciplined warriors, trained to guard their vessels as if it was their own Keep, protecting it against infiltration, and against boarding action. They also guard fleet installations, such as defence platforms and shipyards. They also specialise in counter-terrorism, stopping terrorist attacks against the fleet. As such, they closely guard many facilities and ships with a vigilance not seen in many Sangheili. Trained for zero-G combat and close quarters fighting, they have a variety of tactics and equipment at their disposal. They also include Mgelekgolo as protection. Fleet Security also contains two important sub-divisions.


Experts in zero-G and urban combat, Rangers utilise anti-gravity packs to allow them limited periods of flight. Rangers were originally conceived for deep-space operations, such as boarding operations, or infiltrating space stations. However, their equipment and training made them a fearsome force in urban combat, where they could leap from building to building, finding high perches from which to snipe from.

Stealth Operations

Special warriors, selected for their patience and reserve, they are equipped with stealth gear allowing them to infiltrate positions unseen. They are distributed through normal ground formations, with the goals of gathering intelligence, collecting information and reporting back. They also enact countermeasures against threats to the fleet itself, such as air defence batteries and weapons of mass destruction. They report directly back to high ranking fleet officers, rather than their immediate superior, or field commander.

Special Operations

A simple name for an extraordinary force, the Special Operations unit is the home of the Republic's best. Taking the most experienced troops, they are given the best training and equipment, and sent on missions that ensure the protection of the Republic itself. Armed to the teeth, and equipped with stealth technology, they infiltrate enemy positions and quickly and quietly complete their objectives. Warriors without compare, they are patient hunters, quietly making it to the enemy position then tearing them apart in a tornado of violence. Special Operations also engage in counter-terrorism operations, taking down domestic threats, as well as terminating emerging threats such as pirates and warlords. Special Operations usually move ahead of the main force, to capture strategic objectives, or sabotage the enemy. However, their roles are numerous.


Modelled on ancient Sangheili forces, Commandos are expert shock troopers. Equipped with specialist armour, they are a high-speed, low drag force, with good gear. Taken from some of the most industrious and brave warriors the Republic has to offer, the Commandos are known for being resourceful and flexible. The Commandos specialise as shock troopers, launching sledgehammer blows against enemy positions, as infiltrators, infiltrating enemy lines and sowing discord and chaos, and as quick reaction troopers, responding to new threats. Commandos maintain a high level of readiness at all times, meaning that they can quickly be redeployed to face growing threats before a larger force is ready to be deployed.


A relatively new branch, they are the product of the Swords of Sanghelios' paradigm shift in air assaults. Hand-picked from the best pilots, they are expert pilots, cross-trained with a variety of craft. These experts aren't just good pilots though, they specialise in setting down their charges as stealthily as possible. They use a variety of ships, including the standard Phantom, stealth-modified True Phantoms, Phantom Gunships, Black Phantom electronic warfare ships, the smaller Spook, and even the Lich. Avengers are brave, to the point of fearlessness, and can land even under heavy fire. They're also skilled combatants themselves, for surviving the loss of their ship.


Another new formation, Invaders are 'first contact' forces for use during planetary invasions. Equipped with heavy armour, and close quarters weapons, they are the first wave of soldiers, going down in drop pods. Preferring to land in the midst of the enemy's position, they storm them at short range, taking enemy positions through sheer tenacity and violence of action. Once the position is secured, they hold it until reinforcements arrive. Invaders tend to be stubborn and resilient, but also foolhardy.


An executive branch of the Sword, the Assassins are the cold vengeance of the Republic. Instead of brash, noble warriors, Assassins are cold, calculating killers, peerless in the art of executing their enemies. Assassins are called upon to silence the Republic's enemies, terminating domestic threats such as rebel organizers, and killing enemy leaders, such as Covenant officers. Experts in their craft, they are living shadows, melting into corners, vanishing from sight, and infiltrating the highest security facilities without rousing the alarm. When it comes to ending their target, they use any method needed, from a hidden blade, to a sword in the back, a long distance sniper shot, explosives, poison, or even making it appear as an accident. Only at the disposal of the Swords's high command, they are strictly to be used against targets of strategic military significance. However, that has not always been the case.


The Republic represents the Sangheili people, and as such, its culture represents them. Theirs is a society where honour, fealty, and achievement are held above all other things. Each Sangheili is instilled from birth with the understanding that their honour is tantamount to success in life, and the only thing that should ever trump that is fealty to kin, clan, and Kaidon. Each Sangheili strives for glory, usually through some form of military service.

With the Covenant, the Sangheili's culture was twisted into an instrument to keep them controlled. Their honour was paramount, even to the point of death. The intellectual pursuits were discouraged and abandoned, with the Sangheili losing sight of their history, their arts, even the sciences that once broguht them to the stars. Since the schism, the Sangheili have been left to recover this lost knowledge.

Liberated from the yoke of the Prophet's Will, the Sangheili have learned now how to stand upon their own feet. They've undergone a renaissance, taking back lost knowledge, and growing as a people. Honour is still paramount, but this has been teamed with a wave of pragmatism, necessary for their continued survival.

Sangheili culture differs vastly, from state to state, to planet to planet. For instance, in the State of Vadam, on Sanghelios, all children of the keep are raised together, by 'uncles', in absence of a father. This is to give them all equal footing amongst one another. On the colony of Rahnelo, in the State of Juran, there was a line of succession held between father and sons. Traditional, and orthodox views are still prevalent, but are steadily softening, and giving way to more progressive views. These changes have allowed females to to serve was warriors in the Sword, and for changes on religious, political, and sociological rules to come forward.

What is universal to the Republic, is the burning hatred for all who follow the Covenant. Many have turned back to the old ways, their religion before the Covenant, or abandon religious trappings entirely. Temples have been scrubbed of Covenant sigils, and icons of the old gods have been raised up.




The Unggoy, and their worlds of Balaho, H'ck and others, are under constant guard from a Sangheilian fleet, in exchange for the cheap manual labour they provide. This is also a sort of denial of resources, denying them from both Kig-Yar pirates and Remnant forces.

The Unggoy, due to their simplicity as well as being a protectorate of the USR, have little in the way of a government. Unggoy Overseers ensure peace on their various planets, as well as recording any problems, such as the few cases of Sangheili mistreating Unggoy. These Overseers also receive reports from the many, many Unggoy Task Masters, the foremen in charge of the large, employed labor groups that the Sangheili hire out. Every year, the Unggoy Minister will make a formal status report to the Sangheili High Council; when necessary, the Minister will take a major problem to the High Council, and their put it forward for the Councilors to deal with. On record, such an event has occurred a total of four times.

The Unggoy have little in the way of unique culture. Their mythology was lost long ago, save one legend, and their religion is the same as the Sangheili's – an altered view of the former Covenant religion, where righteous and holy deeds lead to divine ascension, simply omitting the part of the original prophecies that stated that the ascension, the Great Journey, would be started by the lighting of the Holy Rings.


In exchange for a handful of soldiers and reduced tariffs on trades of raw materials, the USR defend Lekgolo ships and mining expeditions, along with providing some of the Lekgolo mining companies with vessels.

The Lekgolo share one mind; while not a true hive-mind, like the Yanme'e, where all are for the most part controlled by one entity, the Lekgolo are all individuals within a single consciousness – one Sangheili philosopher described them as “individual water droplets within an ocean of consciousness”. Because of this unique mindset, the Lekgolo do not truly have a governing entity, as all share each other's knowledge. However, to serve as a form of spokes-being to the USR, as well as other factions, the Lekgolo created the entity known as Lojinar, or the “One for Others”.

The Lekgolo are mostly isolated from other species, instead keeping within their “universal mind” community. They tell little to others, as they never need to tell one another things; also because of this, they have but one myth, the creation myth, where the One created the universe and placed the River of Life within. Other than this, there are no myths, as history is always remembered, forever.

However, there are some exceptions to the stereotypical Lekgolo, some Lekgolo that have become individuals; for the most part, these Lekgolo are those that have lost their bond brothers in one way or another. These individuals, having lost what was a major part of their very beings and in deep sorrow, become solitary, and during this solitude develop personalities that are entirely unique. Many of these become philosophers, poets, authors, inventors and the like.

It is interesting to note that the Lekgolo worms are hermaphrodites, being both male and female simultaneously, yet still requiring a mate to reproduce; however, all Lekgolo are referred to as males.

Lekgolo provide their soldiers to the Republic, in exchange for protection, and rights to explore and mine. Most commonly, they provide Mgelekgolo, also known as Hunters, large, heavily armoured weapons platforms. These also come in a number of unique modifications, such as the highly agile and predatory Serpent Hunters, closely bonded Duellist Hunters, and highly experienced Hunter Elders. There also others, such as Devastator Hunters, possessing an innate lust for destruction, and Swarmlords, highly experienced, and ancient Hunters, who are considered commanders. They also provide Lekgolo to form colonies for the Scarab, and its variants.

Lekgolo Forms

  • MgeLekgolo
  • Hunter Aggravator
  • Serpent Hunter: agile and predatory
  • Duellist Hunter: Closely bonded
  • Ironclad Hunter: heavily armoured siege
  • Hunter Devastator: innate lust for destruction
  • Hunter Elder: expereinced
  • Swarmlord: commanders
  • Hunter


After the end of the Human-Covenant War, a large amount of the surviving San'Shyuum fled with the Prophet of Deliverance to the outer regions, outside AUR space. However, some surrendered and some were captured; these later served as overseers within the AUR, but always under careful watch. Due to their low number, the San'Shyuum are considered an endangered species.

Also of note are the Huragok, which serve throughout the AUR and, primarily, USR. Taking posts as engineers and technical designers, the Huragok were invaluable in the USR's rearmament program.

Both the San'Shyuum and the Huragok consider Sanghelios their "home world", but neither truly have any official planet or government state.


Home Systems

  • Urs System
  • Urs
  • Sangheilios: The homeworld of the Sangheili, Sangheilios is the capital of the USR
  • Qikost
  • Suban
  • Tre
  • Pqor
  • Mol
  • Joori & Fied
  • Hwa'kwi
  • Nal
  • Septe
  • Sala Asteroid Field
  • Tohruh: Dwarf planet
  • K'ran: Large asteroid
  • Tala System
  • Tala
  • Balaho: Homeworld of the Grunts, Balaho is the fifth planet orbiting Tala, but it is also one of only two that supported any form of life. A combination of polar caps, fresh water oceans and massive swamps of brackish tidal flats with naturally occurring pillars of fire, making the lives of the Unggoy rather difficult on their homeworld: most of the Unggoy cities are floating structures built in the shallower ocean waters, anchored down and traversed by boats.
  • Buwan
  • Padpad
  • Svir System
  • Svir
  • Te: Officially known as the homeworld of the Lekgolo, the Lekgolo's homeworld was destroyed long ago in a cataclysmic stellar event, leaving 25 moons orbiting within a debris field. How the Lekgolo managed to survive or evolve in such condition is subject to question, but in the end they did
  • Rantu
  • Uhtua
  • 23 Unnamed Moons
  • Y'Deio System
  • Khaz'K: Controlled by the (KYU), Khaz'K is the only planet in the system capable of supporting life, and it holds a large amount of exotic wildlife on it, with hunting grounds abounding.
  • Gruk: Controlled by the (KYU), Gruk makes much of its' livelihood from the nurseries and hospitals on the planet, due to the large amount of females that come to lay their eggs on the planet
  • Kurg: Controlled by the (KYU), Kurg is an asteroid that was long ago caught in Khaz'K's gravitational field: hollowed out by the Kig-yar, it has since become a major military outpost
  • Chu'ot
  • Eayn: Controlled by the Kig-yar and the capital of the Kig-Yar Union
  • Asteroid Belt
  • Napret System
  • Palamok
  • Naxook
  • Ka'amoti
  • Oquiu
  • Kami
  • Zerav III: One of three gas giants in the system, Zerav III is notable only in that it has two inhabited moons orbiting it
  • Ua'me
  • Huepla


  • Major System
  • H'ck: A cold world covered in ice and snow, the planet has been colonized by the Unggoy, who have turned it into a metropolis much like Balaho
  • Major: The homeworld of the Majorans, the system is in USR space and is protected by the Sangheili's armed forces
  • M'llp
  • Taygeta System
  • Tayg-Kappa
  • Tayg-Rho
  • Caladros
  • Haven V System
  • Verinae: A frozen world of ice
  • Elenor: A cold desert world
  • Mona'ar
  • Ara System
  • Vespera: One of the USR's many agricultural worlds, Vespera's vast farmlands and ranches feed much of the Sangheili's republic
  • Hartis
  • Dark Tidings System
  • Adamant Valor System
  • Susano
  • Dara α
  • Dara β
  • Fell Justice: While under the jurisdiction of the USR, Fell Justice has become a highly multi-cultural world, mixing the best, and worst, of all the Alliance races
  • Nephthys System
  • Osiris III
  • Alagaesia
  • Navis System
  • Courageous Bastion
Factions in the Revenant Era
Alliance of United Races

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Covenant Successors

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Confederacy of Former Covenant States

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