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The United Sangheili Republic Army consists of all Sangheili ground forces, and is led by the Grand Marshal, Rtas 'Vadum. The Army also has several sub-divisions:


  • Army: The highest division in the USR Army, an Army contains 3 Legions
    • Legion: A Legion has a total of 7 sub-units to it, a combination of Warrior Creches and Field Groups, the exact number of sub-units and soldiers depending on the ratio of Warrior Creches and Field Groups: there can be anywhere from 16,000 to 23,200 soldiers in a Legion
      • Warrior Creches: Warrior Creches contain 2 sections, adding up for a total of 1600 soldiers; there can be 2 to 5 Warrior Creches within a Legion, depending on how many Field Groups there are. Warrior Creches are designed to break new troops into combat.
      • Field Groups: Field Groups contain 5 sections, adding up for a total of 4000 soldiers; there can be 2 to 5 Field Groups within a Legion, depending on how many Warrior Creches there are
        • 5 Sections: There are five sections within a field group, with each section having 800 soldiers.
          • Sub-Sections: All sections are outfitted with 5 sub-sections with lances of standard Sangheili files, 2 with lances of Unggoy and Lekgolo files, and 3 more with lances of specialist Sangheili files and/or specialist lances, making for a total of 10 sub-sections in all Legions. Within each of these sub-sections are four lances, making 80 soldiers within each.
            • Lance: A standard lance is composed of 20 Sangheili, armed with various equipment, but without any form of special forces among them; these can be broken down into 4 files of 5 Sangheili each.
            • Specialist Lance: A specialist lance has 20 soldiers, just like a standard lance, but is broken down into various specialist files, ranging from Unggoy to Lekgolo to Sangheili special forces.
              • Unggoy File: Composed of 12 Unggoy
              • Lekgolo File: Composed of 2 Lekgolo bond-brothers
              • Pathfinder File: Composed of 3 Sangheili Pathfinders
              • Assault Trooper File: Composed of 8 Sangheili Assault Troopers
              • Ranger File: Composed of 6 Sangheili Rangers
              • Stormer File: Composed of 10 Sangheili Stormers
              • Assassin File: Composed of 4 Sangheili Assassins
            • Honor Guard Lance: Composed of 20 Sangheili Honor Guards
            • Security Lance: Composed of 20 Sangheili Fleet Security officers
            • Commando Lance: Composed of 20 Sangheili Commandos
            • Special Operations Lance: Composed of 20 Sangheili Special Operations officers