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First Tier

Special Unconventional Warfare Operations: The Commandos are an elite strike force dedicated to infiltrating and routing enemy positions by strength of arms.

Orbital Assault Operations: The Invaders are often the first two fight in a planetary invasion, securing a groundside landing zone with their drop pods.

Special Fleet Security: The Protectors work aboard many warships to protect them from a variety of internal and external threats.

Special Aviation Aggressive Reconnaissance and Assault: The Avengers provide the bravest pilots for the most dangerous missions.

Second Tier

Special Operations: The Blades are dedicated to protecting the republic, from threats outside and within the republic, with the utmost force.

Extra Vehicular Assault Operations: Rangers are specailised for missions involving zero-g environments and high amounts of verticality, with deadly-sharp accuracy and sure footedness

Advance Reconnaissance Operations: Pathfinders utilise stealth technology to infiltrate the positions of the enemy and proceed to gather intelligence and prepare for the arrival of the main force.

Third Tier

Direct Combat Operations: The Zealots are the highest tier of special forces soldiers, dedicated to eliminating the most fearsome enemies of the republic. The Zealots only take orders from the highest echelons of the USR military, and directly from the council themselves.

Clandestine Operations Unit: The Assassins are a shadowy force, who eliminate the enemies of the Republic with a brutal methodology not seen elsewhere. Few know of it, fewer still have remained alive after discovering it.