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"Dear Sarge: kicking ass in outer space, wish you were here!"


This article, ODSTSuperSpartan, is a work of humour, and is not in any way intended by the author to be taken seriously. If you feel that this article is not an appropriate use of the humour template, please be sure to find information regarding the use of the Humour Template by visiting this page before making such a claim.

40px-Cquote1.png My english prefrect I have english degree. 40px-Cquote2.png
Biographical Information

Vladivostok, possibly post-20th century[citation needed]


Not soon enough

Chronological and Political Information

July 2009
November 2010—June 2011
September 2011 (?)
January 2013—


User impersonation


Joseph Stalin


ODSTSuperSpartan is an infamous troll and vandal known for his attacks on the #Halo-Fanon IRC Channel in the last months of 2010 and into early 2011, which caused the Siege on ODSTSuperSpartan. Assumed to be a young and eager (although inexperienced) troll, the defining element of ODSTSuperSpartan's known life was his relentless pursuit of operator status on the IRC and administration on Halo Fanon; and remaining incapable of understanding that his methods of going about getting these statuses were not going to yield results.

Early Life and Education (200?—2009)

ODSTSuperSpartan's early life is largely unknown to many historians and researchers. What is gathered from conversations with him is that he was born some time after the year 2000, in the Russian city of Vladivostok. Attending the Moscow State University (which is impossible, given his age), ODST is stated to have studied three degrees simultaneously, of English, Russian and Maths; however, his English and Maths skills generally cast doubt on this.


A typical conversation with our favourite fail-troll (Minus the sudden appearance of Kanye West).

First Appearances on Halo Fanon (2009—2010)

"Jealously leads to hate, hate leads to anger, anger....leads to RAEGQUIT!!!1!1!11"

ODSTSuperSpartan first appeared on the IRC in July 2009 (as seen here), demanding to be made admin. After a long hiatus, he reappeared again in late November 2010, again with a demand to be granted administrator rights. Despite his terrible spelling and grammar, he was politely turned down, resulting in his rage-spamming and the mishaps that followed. He was banned from #halopedia shortly afterward, but it was just the beginning for #halo-fanon.

Obsession with 'Haz Admin'

"Our cruisers can't repel bad spelling and grammar of this magnitude!"
ONI recon 111, on ODSTSuperSpartan's spelling and grammar

ODSTSuperSpartan attempted many times to gain administration on Halo Fanon. Because of his many attempts and ultimate failure, a kindhearted gesture by a well-meaning user yielded that ODSTSuperSpartan would Op abuse if given such privileges - and thus lost any remaining chance he had of achieving his goal. After much difficult deciphering, it is confirmed that his reasons are:


ODSTSuperSpartan frequently expressed his love of Communism, and asserted that he was a Communist. He said "i love russia and soviet union", pointing out how superior the USSR (now-dissolved) was to the USA, and frequently gave anti-American sentiment. Despite being fanatically loyal to the Soviet Union and Communism, ODST was a Christian, and claimed that his father was "rich", both in direct contradiction of Soviet Communist ideology.

ODST believed that Stalin was alive, and did not die in 1953; apparently he faked his death and lives still today at the age of 132 years. Apparently, Stalin is like Jesus and will never die, and is ODST's hero/idol; he was quoted as saying "STALIN 4 MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!". ODST's ultimate goal in life was to meet and befriend Stalin, as he said on one occasion "i hop i can 1 day see him adn b my friend." ODST was doggedly critical of Lenin and responded with more swear words than usual when Stalin was insulted, as was expertly exploited by Beth in a counter-trolling operation.

Admin Impersonation

Following his ban from the IRC, ODSTSuperSpartan has attempted to regain access to #halo-fanon by impersonating admins. He had taken the usernames of CommanderTony and Ajax 013, to no success, as seen here, here, and here. His bad grammar and spelling blew his cover, however.

Ban Evasion

"How about you spend some time away from the computer, get a life, and actually do something worthwhile for the holidays? It's really sad when you have to spend your Christmas trying to piss people off."
―Sona 'Demal

After many amusing encounters, and multiple IP/username bans, he kept coming back, spamming #halo-fanon and #AAO until he was removed again. Finally, both channels were issued with channel mutes to shut him up, which worked fairly well with little inconvenience until Ajax 013 found a second solution.

Peak Conflicts and Siege on ODSTSuperSpartan (2010—2011)

Main article: Siege on ODSTSuperSpartan

On December 27, 2010, after using many proxies and alternative IDs, ODSTSuperSpartan was removed from our presence momentarily by Ajax 013, who set a gateway ban on him. However, he still appears on #AAO occasionally, but is unable to send messages. Later, Subtank revised his ban to apparently keep him out for good, but it turns out not to have worked. After the channel lockdown for #halo-fanon was lifted for less than a week, it became a necessity to be applied once again. ODSTSuperSpartan sometimes found ways to obtain a voice flag, and is currently using every opportunity on the channel to spam others with false messages of wikia closing down and sending bugged links. No one has so far viewed his link after the warning of a Trojan horse present in the virus.

Undeterred by his ban in every manner, ODST chose to take it a step further and spam the wiki directly. Twice as an IP user, he began attacking admin user pages protesting his ban, whining about unfairness, and claiming he did not understand it. At the same time, several RfAs were being held, and ODST attempted to hijack them and place his own name on the ballot followed by voting for himself. In all these cases, his edits were merely reverted and a ban placed his IP addresses.

On the 6th of February, 2011, ODSTSuperSpartan came with an apology. He claimed he was sorry for his spamming, multiple attacks on the channels, personal attacks, etc., even writing it all in perfect grammar! His request was that it could forgotten and he be allowed back on the channel. But by then, it was too late. After months upon months of unbridled vandalism, it seems that ODSTSuperSpartan must stay out for good.

As of February 21, 2011, ODSTSuperSpartan has remained off the channel - perhaps to attempt to get unbanned upon his return. However, it is highly doubtful the Channel operators (chanops) will allow for his unbanning, due to his highly blemished past.

"Haha, I trolled u bich. I hav installed trojans and now ur computer is under my control. Now u just hav to put in your IRC pasword and the channl will be MINE!"
―ODSTSuperSpartan, to LOMI, who had just trolled

However, on February 25, 2011, ODSTSuperSpartan returned multiple times, culminating in an impersonation of Auguststorm that led to admin LOMI unwittingly receiving an email with multiple trojan horses. Thankfully, due to the timely aid of SPARTAN-118 and Nicmavr, crisis was averted, and ODSTSuperSpartan's work came to naught.

ODSTSuperSpartan continued his vandalism with various accounts, including that of Sona 'Demal's userpage; however, due to his lack of experience with wiki and knowledge of the "undo" button, what little damage was done was quickly reverted on all incidents.

On April 1, 2011, CommanderTony created a new wikia account under ODSTSuperSpartan's name and created a Request for Administration page as an April Fool's joke. "ODSTSS" voted for himself and tried to delete the ones against him but they were promptly restored, quite similar to his last campaign against sanity. As a joke, a few users went along with posting supporting votes and comments.

After the RfA went unsuccessfully for ODSTSuperSpartan, to no one's surprise except his own, he disappeared for a while before resurfacing one last time in June of 2011. After this point, he has not been seen, despite his claims to "pay everyone a visit over the summer".

Don't worry though, he'll be back!

Possible Reappearance as Citrus-404 (2011—2012)

In September 2011, a user by the name of Citrus-404 joined Halo Fanon. Although his initial behaviour was normal, he soon took to several disagreements with other users in the community, prompting an administrator to ban him temporarily from the wiki and the IRC. Enraged, Citrus was believed to use proxy IPs to vandalize the wiki and spam users at times, at others apologizing and claiming he was innocent after receiving a permanent ban. Whether ODSTSuperSpartan took on his identity or in fact is ODSTSuperSpartan, he became rather uncivil after the situation was explained as to why he couldn't be unbanned.

"50 bucks says ODSTSS has committed suicide by now. Or finally got kicked out of his mom's basement and now has no internet access."
―Sona 'Demal

On May 18, 2012, Sona received a private message from ODSTSS on the IRC around noon, Eastern Pacific Time. ODSTSS stated that he was preparing to attack Halo Fanon with vandalism once again (LOMI and Athena32 later received similar messages). He even asked if anyone missed him, clearly unaware that everyone else had already moved on with their lives and had since forgotten about him. He has disappeared shortly afterwards though, upon discovering that he couldn't edit as an IP user (prompting an amusingly angry reaction directed towards the administration), and rendered all his proxy abilities useless. Although it seems unlikely that ODSTSS' potential vandalism is unlikely to be as effective due to the IP block, as well as the ability to range block that Wikia staff holds, Sona has decided to reserve 0.5% of his attention to dealing with any possible attacks.

Confirmed Return and Current Status (2013—present)

On January 4, 2013, ODSTSuperSpartan resurfaced at last on the IRC, conducting his usual means of garnering attention by spamming and pinging everyone on the channel. Fortunately, the presence of a retired administrator with retained operator rights quickly ensured that the matter was dealt with and channel activity resumed as normal not long afterward.

On January 15th, ODSTSuperSpartan returned. He was banned and kicked several times by the chatting admins and finally left after almost an hour of constant spam attacks. The IRC was put on lockdown with a channel mute just in case he attempted to return.

On January 19th, ODSTSuperSpartan took things up another notch by getting access into Ahalosniper's account, including his operator flags. However, he was quickly removed from the channel by Sona, and Ahalosniper resecured his account. Sona also put in a few additional security measures to keep ODSTSuperSpartan off the channel.

Not long after, the IRC user Chiyo set up a channel filter so that users would require an approved IRC account or be manually allowed into the channel by an operator. Despite his many attempts to get past the filter, including gaining access to another user's account, ODSTSuperSpartan was completely unsuccessful and promptly ragequitted, until he returned on the 19th of March, after over a month's disappearance. He disappeared yet again not long afterwards.

ODSTSuperSpartan was not heard from again until the 16th of November, when he entered #halo-fanon's main channel while the filter was not being used. Upon discovering this from members of the Administration holding the line, Sona immediately arranged for the filter channel to be reactivated. ODSTSuperSpartan has tried numerous times after this to enter the main channel without success, and resorted instead to spamming "dead" channels such as #halopedia, #AAO, and the filter channel itself. He also attempted to harass the users on #uncyclopedia, who weren't too concerned about his presence and were in fact quite amused by his endeavours.


"This guy deserves his own Uncyclopedia article."
―Sona 'Demal

It is unknown whether he is actually Russian, or whether he's an actual troll. However, due to the fact that he persistently demands administration even after other users enjoy retaliating against him him, it is possible he was not looking for people to troll, but genuinely believes he can become an administrator.


You have our sincerest apologies if you can't understand the quotes below. Very few of us can, really.
NOTE: The quotes are spelled exactly as written by ODSTSuperSpartan

"I beta tester for reach, I want admin."
"Fuck you A32 you annoy go away."
"Make me admin I send you lots of money over internet."
"Shut up why you racist"
"My english prefrect I have english degree."
"I tell bungie and they ban you from halo 4 ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1"
"U jealous vladivostok is beatiful sity!"
"lenis was dick sucker fuck him and u STALIN 4 MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!"
"stalin was our king president he live 4 ever like god adn jesus wuld live 4 ever if he not killed fuck those romans and jews"
"ur a rwtarded bicth asshole"
"i take englsih, russian adn maths 4 degrees OMG fuck u in ur ASSHOEL"
"omg shut the fuck up u bicthi asshle fagt im leave u fucking annoy"
"hey can i b admin now? plz? MAKE ME 1 PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ"
"I WILL B ADMIN YES I WILL U JUST W8 ur rong dude"
"i will spam u guys if i hav 2"
"as of 2 day, if u dont make me admin in 24 ours, i commit war on u all"
"god bles the soviet union"
"if u dont make me admin, i tell police abo that page adn they arrest u 4 offense" NOTE: This quote refers to this very article, when it was brought to ODST's attention
"brit english fucking suck adn englsh is fucking bullshit language russian much better"
"u all suckbicth"
"fuk u scoots"


"Fool me once, fuck you. Fool me twice...errr, fuck you!"
―(The real) CommanderTony
  • ODSTSuperSparta
  • OSTDSuperSpartan
  • OSDTSuperSpartan
  • OSSTSuperSpartan
  • Ajax 013
  • AnotherPoeticSpar Note: Eveyone should know that real user signs on as APS everytime.
  • Dragonclaws
  • |AR|
  • CommanderTony
  • TheRealFableNexus
  • LaxNaturedBrass
  • FreeNStaff
  • LOMI
  • Lord_Strathcona
  • Mordant_song
  • Specops306
  • ChakravartinSUCK
  • A32SUCKS
  • DJ_fan
  • Pikapi
  • RicherdRHunt Note: he actually used this one while the real RichardRHunt was on.
  • Rozh
  • Augustorm1945 (the real user is Auguststorm1945)
  • Hyper Zerling (the real user is Hyper Zergling)
  • IP Users,, and
  • Numerous names that say "UNBANME", "NOKICK", "YOUSUCK", etc.



Thanks, first and foremost, to Athena32 for helping me get this article off the ground, as well as Leo, who along with Matt and have kept #AAO and #Halo-Fanon ODSTSuperSpartan-free to the best of their abilities. There are others who also deserve credit:

  • Nicmavr for giving our beloved channel the proper settings to ward off our favourite troll as well.
  • Subtank for putting up with our sometimes-immature ways of dealing with ODSTSuperSpartan, and keeping careful guard on this wiki as well as #halo-fanon.
  • Grizzlei, for being freaking awesome at pissing off ODSTSS and keeping us rofl'ing with his ingeniously hilarious quotes; we made some awesome memes regarding ODSTSS, if only Subbles let us keep them (*sigh*).
  • IsaacDKramer, for keeping the article updated with the latest ODSTSuperSpartan activity on the irk, and posting these logs of our encounters with ODSTSuperSpartan.
  • And last but not least, Lordofmonsterisland, for linking this article to those TV tropes. Isn't it telling how many of them fit into this scenario?

If I didn't mention you, it doesn't mean I forgot. Thanks for your help with this article, and be sure to add any new information when if you bump into ODSTSS.

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