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He knew this was his fault. Every word he could think of for "failure" was now firing through his head. He had botched this, he had screwed up, he had throughly blown his entire plan, and then panicked in the worst possible manner. Of all the plans he could have chosen that instant, he chose to let himself get cornered.
He had no advantage. The Spartan couldn't get to him, but it knew he couldn't get out from there himself. This one would be patient. It would wait. It would wait until he panicked, until he got tired, until he ran out in desperation, or until he got sleepy and let his concentration slip long enough for it to reach him. For her, this was instinct. If they had truly had such a training of training like he had read, then for her killing him could be easily done in her sleep.
It couldn't have been worse had he decided to challenge the strong one in a wrestling contest, or fought the fastest one on a race track. No, this was him versus their sniper, in a game of... what was the word for it? Patience? Endurance? ...Longanimity, maybe. But an all-out, full-stakes, waiting contest.
He hadn’t gotten the Spartan set back. As a matter of fact he had put her right in her playing field.
Araquiel might be working on something.
<Don't count it, you indolent boy.>
Figures. He always had think of plans before Ary would.
<A closer range ''will'' give us the advantage. 4 feet away and I could make the leap to her armor. Short out her systems. Fog up her visor. Block any signals from her movements to the armor. But getting that close is your job, I'm afraid, without letting her first break your neck.>
Well, good. Ary had his back on this. But still, he needed a plan. His heart was racing, but despite it, he forced himself to begin reviewing all his options.
I could scare her off. With what?
I could distract her. With what?
I could wait it out. She won’t get bored.
I could call for help. To who? With what?
I could... fight her off! Yes, fight off a Spartan.
He felt like resigning. I could make a run for it. Bravo, great idea.
Nothing viable. He could only think of idiotic plans. The worst was of that the longer he took trying to think of one, the greater possibility of her sinking into her "instinctive" mode, and the much harder it would be to find any exploitable weakness in a cold robot.
I could try to demoralize her. Brilliant, demoralizing a sniper. A better option would trying to explain morality to a droid.
Still, maybe some hope in it? A little? At the very least, she might find it funny. Maybe she'd make his death amusing.
I wouldn’t mind going out laughing. Laughing at myself is better than nothing.
He began reaching out for Araquiel, and telling him about the plan.
<So, the "you're so worthless" approach.>
That's right.
<Exactly what I've told you for the minutes since you've trapped us, but it's not doing much now to deter you.>
When I'm at death's door, I don't mind being told the obvious.
<The least you'll do won’t be to depress her. At best, you'll only succeed in getting her mad.>
If a formerly cold, hardened one is berserking, it improves the chances for error?
<It’s still close to a ton of titanium. That hates you.>
You know I hate this plan. But will you stick with me on it?
<The last death threat I tried spelled my deletion, you tell me. My pleasure in sharing our hopelessness.>
A brief tone of static came up on the radio as Ary linked him to the Spartan's channel. For a few seconds he decided to keep quiet, maybe increase potential anxiety, with silence, just a tinier way to give himself a fingerhold.
For his first words he decided to speak to her in his native Russian, maybe create a sense of alienness, dehumanize himself. And use a harsher voice. The Iago one from theater class.
“Когда кто - то находит крысу в их доме, они были бы дураком, чтобы думать что его смерть означает конец. Когда есть один это означает больше, и таким образом вторжение в одного человека начинается."
The other did not respond.
Should he try again?
“Когда кто - то находит крысу в их доме, они были бы дураком, чтобы думать что его смерть означает конец. Когда есть один это означает больше, и таким образом вторжение в одного человека начинается."
Still nothing.
Should he translate it?
“In essence, that means..."
"I know what it means."
Her words cut into the channel, so brashly that he involuntarily jerked back upon hearing it. Ary let out a dry chuckle. <Going to surrender already?>, he told him.
"The first enemy sets we fought were Neo-Kosvolic terrorists on Reach. Stamped the riots that broke out amongst settlers. Ended a 300-year-old civil war."
Ah, those fights among the Russian and Hungarian colonists. So that’s where they went.
"Their kind are dead. You’re another rat.” A chuckle escaped him. Yes, she had understood his words, alright. But it was time make sure she got the meaning.
"Yes, I am "крыса." But from another infestation. You’ll have a far harder time trying to wipe me out."
She didn’t respond. He kept going. “I am neither the head or the arms, nor the heart nor the tail nor structure. I am the nose that sniffs forward, and tells the rest of the body where the food is found."
<Nose. Really...>
Alright, it sounds dumb. Bear with me.
She still wasn’t responding. “I have found you. And before long the rest of the swarm will keep coming and you will find yourself unmatched and overpowered.” He was running of scare phrases. Ary?
<Putrid. She’s spent years fighting rhetoric called the Covenant. She’s heard it all before.>
Don't you have anything?
<Of course not, Mr. Slacker.>
He tried again. “I am...”. He stopped. He was out. He couldn’t think of anything from his end anymore.
<So think from hers.>
Her end?
Right, what would she be feeling? Well, boredom from him talking. (Not enough to lax her out, though.) Amusement. Annoyance. Victory, that he was just trying to keep wiggling from inside his mousetrap. Comfort. Settlement.
Deception. Maybe she was trying to demoralize HIM. Well, he had to keep her talking. He tried the foreign approach again.
"Было время, 10 лет назад, когда люди боролись вместе, чтобы существовать. Теперь их внимание идет в их собственные интересы снова. Вы интересуете нас."
"You’re not scaring me, boy."
His heart sank.
"You're making me laugh." Alright then. He HAD amused her.

Me: "For an aspiring filmmaker, what do you suggest is needed to survive in an indie-ignoring world?"
Roger Ebert: "Cash money, and plenty of it."
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