About a year ago, I noticed several groups of articles on this wiki that told an interactive story. They were called "text adventures", and I thought they were an excellent way to integrate users into a person's fanon by allowing them to make choices that influenced a story involving that fanon. I even made one called "Halo: Recreation Adventures."

A few months ago, however, I went on here and noticed that most of the beginning of my text adventure had been deleted for no apparent reason. And just today, I looked around and noticed that most of the beginning of everyone's text adventures had been deleted! To check my findings, I did a quick search for the text-adventures template and looked at the "found-on pages" feature for the template's picture... and found it was only located on the template page.

Why has this happened? Why have all the text adventures been deleted? Is there some sort of rule that, by nature, all text adventures break? Or does someone consider them to be a waste of space on the wiki? If there really is no place for them on this wiki, then where do they go?

I really think they're a novel idea. Maybe one day, because of this, the text adventure will return to Halo Fanon in all its former glory. Or maybe I'll find out why they won't.

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