So, there's been some confusion as to the specifics of the RP, which is my fault for not specifying...anything, really. Alright, here goes.

There's a Frigate fleeing a dying planet late in the war. However, during its blind jump, it comes to a sudden halt. It goes from bad to worse when a Cruiser shows up, carrying a bloodthirsty Zealot gunning for the Spartans aboard. After he boards the ship and cuts off the head of Raj, an SII, the crew desperately scrambles to wake themselves up and stay alive. However, the ship shoots forward unexpectedly and crashes into a mysterious Forerunner Installation..

So, not too complex. I'm looking for variety here. The major groups are these:

UNSC: Self-explanatory. Anyone on the frigate who is in the armed services of the good old Oonskies falls into this category.

Covies: Purple dudes. There's one CCS-class battcruiser that zips in carrying armies of bloodthirsty Zealots. I will be controlling the lead, but feel free to add in your own leader characters if you want, I can make it work easily. Be warned, they're all cluttered onto this one ship, so no other ships aside from the CCS class.

Civies, fugitives, and stowaways: Alright, here's the fun ones. These are people that technically shouldn't be on the frigate, but are. That includes rebels, mercenaries, hitmen, children...whatever you want, as long as it makes sense within Halo and you can justify their presence on the ship.

So yeah. I'm gonna try and keep this from getting cramped. I want this to be fun. The first posts are gonna be set on the ship as the crew desperately tries to survive the chaose of being trapped in a dead ship with Covenant boarders, but SPOILERS: It crashes. And then the real fun starts..

Anyways, please, for the love of god, talk to me in the comments. Ask any questions you have, goals you want from this, characters you wanna add, anything. I need to make sure this thing doesn't devolve into a clusterfuck like all my previous projects.

Indy out.

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