Jay-425 woke up hurting all over. Mayday, mayday, UNSC Spartan’s Prayer, requesting immediate evac. The Spartan got up,confused. Then he saw the sky. He almost thought it was real, until he saw the spires that destroyed the illusion. Then he looked where he was at, and he saw bodies and debris from the ship. What happened…? He turned and saw half of the ship he had been assigned to protect. Jay began walking around, looking for any sign of survivors. So far, only bodies. He picked up an MA5D that, when he looked closely, he recognized as his. How did this happen? He realized that he still had his M6 at his side, and he couldn't believe his luck.

Kal-338 stumbled around aimlessly, battle rifle in hand. Why did I have to become a Spartan? Of course, he knew it was never his decision, being part of Project Orion III Incognito was entirely ONI’s fault, as they were the ones to choose the candidates. He heard the sound of ghosts. Oh crap,Covenant. Kal took cover behind a rock and saw three red and silver ghosts hovering through the canyon. And he also saw four red and black banshees flying above the ghosts. He heard the sound of a scarab roar, and he saw one, a red and silver scarab. I have to be dreaming… Kal also saw hundreds, maybe thousands, of Brutes, Elites and Grunts marching through the canyon, all holding a weapon of some sort. And they all wore the color red.

Jayne-428 snuck up on the Elite, knife in hand, and jumped onto the alien’s back, plunging her knife into the Elite’s neck. The alien shuddered for a bit, then ended up collapsing face first into it’s own pool of blood. She motioned for the survivors to follow, and they did. I can't believe this. These forces aren't Covenant, they're to red to even be considered Covenant. Jayne raised her MA5D and took cover behind a fallen tree. She saw six Brutes and two Jackals. She motioned for the group to stop, knowing full well that it would be suicide to attack the eight with only seven marines and one Spartan. Again, more red. She was starting to hate that color.

Jay-425 fired his M6 at the Grunt, the bullet piercing the skull of the Alien. “I’m going to destroy you!” The high-pitched voice of a grunt said, overexcited. Jay took out his MA5D and his weapon shot down the group of suicide Grunts. There were multiple explosions of plasma. Jay saw an Elite, red plasma sword in hand, charge at him. The Spartan put away his weapons and put his hands into a fist. The Elite slashed at Jay, and his shields were getting low. Shit, Jay thought, Just what I need. 425 slammed his fist into the Elite’s helmet, the blue glow of the energy shield signaling that Jay had done some damage. He slammed his fist into the helmet once more, splitting the helmet into multiple pieces. The Elite yelled out and became a blur to Jay, managing to kick Jay in the visor, disorientating him. “Jay!” He heard the sound of a battle rifle fire at the Elite, and Jay got up and pulled out a knife. He took aim and threw it at the Elite while it wasn't paying attention, with the knife piercing the skull of the alien. He saw Kal holding his battle rifle, with the fellow Spartan nodding at him. Jay took out his assault rifle and checked his motion sensor. Then they heard the roar of a Brute.

Jayne-428 grabbed the gravity hammer of the Brute she had just killed and threw it at one of the Elites. The end of the weapon knocked the wind out of the enemy, while also possibly piercing his lungs. The Spartan took out her knife and shoved the blade deep into the Elite’s skull, killing it. Jayne pulled it out and wiped the blood off of it. She took out her M6 and looked for any more hostiles, and she saw none, so far, anyways. Four of her seven survivors had been killed after the ambush, and she was pissed. I didn't know they would call for back-up! Jayne saw a Kig-Yar sniper and she shot it with her M6. Then she heard one of the Marines yell something that chilled her bones. “Scarab!”

Jay hit the Brute in the stomach, causing it to yell out in pain. “Oh, yeah like being punched in the gut? No? Well, too bad!” 425 began beating the Brute senseless, until the creature struck back by shoving Jay into a rock. The beast roared in his face, and all that Jay could think about was, Bad breath over here. Jay hit the beast in the eye, and the beast backed away, covering it’s eye. Jay picked up his MA5D assault rifle on the ground, and he began shooting. The Brute, with bullets in his gut, promptly fell over, dead. Jay dragged the alien over to the edge of the canyon and threw the Brute over the edge. “You do know that was a bit of an overkill, right?” Kal said. “Yeah, thanks for the help, smart-ass.”

End of Chapter One

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