Kal-338 swung his fist into the Innsurectionist's head, knocking him unconscious. Good night, Kal thought. "Kal, what's your status on taking out Jai?" Goddamit, the Spartan thought. "Shut up, Jay, I'm working on it!" Kal yelled into the comm, frustrated. The UNSC Spartan's Prayer was being boarded by Innsurectionist leader Jai, and Kal was supposed to stop him.

Jay-425 fired his MA5D at the Innsurectionist and the terrorist went down, with several bullets in his throat. The Spartan took the Innie's M6 and unloaded it. Going to need that, Jay thought, I wonder what Kal is doing.

Kal kicked Jai in the chest, receiving a punch from the Innie leader. Kal smiled from inside his helmet, trying not to laugh at the sight of the great and terrible, Innie leader, holding his own hand in pain. Yeah, I bet that would hurt Kal swung his leg into Jai's head, knocking the rebel into one of the computers. Jai yelled out in pain and took out his M6, shooting at Kal. However, Kal's energy shield protected him from the bullets. Kal took out his combat knife and brought it down onto the Innie, but Jai dodged it. The knife hit the computer, damaging it even more. They both felt the ship begin to change course. Son of bitch, Kal thought before making the split-second decision to pull his knife out and stab the terrorist in the head.

End of Prologue

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