It's finally here, after five months!

Hey guys, KingOfYou115 here!

Now, you probably don't care in the slightest about what I just managed to finally code up for myself. But after trial and error and aid from other users (which ultimately didn't lead anywhere but more problems), I managed to get my Template:Irk to work!

What is Template:Irk?

Well, in a sense, it's a means to speed up the process of formatting each and every line of text on my Shenanigans page. Here's an example, the first line on my page:

Code Result
[[User:KingOfYou115|'''<font color="orange">KingOfYou115</font>''']]: So... KingOfYou115: So...
{{Irk|KingOfYou115=1}} So... KingOfYou115: So...

Much faster to type/add to existing logs! (NOTE: It also bolds the ":", which I actually prefer)

Now, it currently doesn't work for every nick, but it does for many of the common ones as well as most of the ones currently logged on my wiki page. Here's a list of nicks currently usable:

  • KingOfYou115
  • KingOfYou|YouTub
  • KingOfAway-ness
  • KOY-1150-5
  • Actene
  • Ahalosniper
  • Ajax_013
  • Andromeda_Vadum
  • Anon_ONI_agent
  • Agent_Minnesota
  • Brodie-001
  • brodie_
  • CB379
  • IndyRevolution
  • LOMI
  • LOMGone
  • LOMI|Away
  • LHF
  • Revan180193
  • Sev40
  • Sev40|School
  • Shivly
  • Shiod
  • Shoid
  • Sierra-A143
  • Slower-Than-Most
  • StoneGhost
  • TimothyEmeigh

So, how does one use Template:Irk?

Glad you asked! If you didn't notice the syntax above, here it is again:

{{Irk|KingOfYou115=1}} So...

If your nick was listed above, just set your nick to equal something (doesn't need to be 1, could be anything), and it should work. I haven't tested it with most of the nicks specified, however they should all work, in theory. Then just write the message afterwards, in plain text.

If your nick wasn't listed above, it's a very easy process to get it to work. Just go to Template:Irk, and place your nick (preferably in alphabetical order) using the same formatting as all of the rest. If that is too hard for you, feel free to complain in the comments below and I'll be sure to not help.

Oh, and one more thing! If your nick has a pipe in it (such as KingOfYou|YouTub) do not include the pipe in the syntax! So it would look like this:


Got it? Cool.

And before I go, I just want to thank Sev and LOMI for their attempts at getting the code to work. If it wasn't for your attempts, I probably wouldn't have figured out the issue and streamlined the code. So thank you for helping!