Edit #2 So after some discussion, I've come up with some things for a communal RP, however, it won't be dealing with the Freelancers and such. The idea is for the RP to take place on Gilgamesh in fall of 2553, mainly dealing with the three-way relationship between the UNSC, the Insurrectionists, and the many criminal syndicates on the planet. Having put that out there, here are some guidelines:

  • Local Insurrectionist government is the Gilgamesh Free State, which controls some territory on the planet, although the major metropolitan centers are still lawless. As the Free State is part of the United Rebel Front, other characters affiliated with the URF are permitted to be on-planet.
  • Criminal syndicate-affiliated or unaffiliated characters are permitted without restrictions, as much of Gilgamesh is completely lawless.
  • If your character is a SPARTAN, they must be performing some covert work on the planet against the syndicates or the Insurrectionists. Headhunters and such are good examples of what I mean. This means no SPARTANs clanking around the middle of a city in MJOLNIR or SPI.
  • Standard UNSC military personnel are permitted, however, it is important to note that the UNSC has very little power on Gilgamesh. Presumably, the UNSC controls some territory, but the colony as a whole has been effectively abandoned. Choose your characters accordingly.

Otherwise, I want this to be as organic and fun as possible. Thoughts on the guidelines and ideas are welcome.

Ello all, it's your favorite Insurrectionist writer. So, as some of you may or may not know, we had a Red vs. Blue RP some years ago, with the Freelancers being worked into Halo canon, yada yada yada. I was reminiscing on it earlier today, and remembered it was pretty fun to do...except for the time I got banned and my characters got killed off, and pretty soon after it kind of fell off the face of the earth. So to put it simply, who would be interested in reviving the idea? Mind you I do not mean following off of the old one, I barely even know what was going on at some points, and some of the users who did that one are now inactive. I mean starting a new one from the beginning with the same idea. Post your thoughts below.

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