Twenty-Five Months and Beyond: Reminiscing

When I first came to this site, to say I was overwhelmed would be an understatement.

The only article outside my own that I really knew of was the Necros homepage and the M808G Scorpion, which was on the front page thanks to Fanon of the Month. >.> I had a second rate post-war alliance, a massive oversized space station, and a new enemy species intended to look like a lizard-man with a Triceratops head. I had no idea of the Halo Fanon community, let alone the one at Halopedia (the likes of which I'm still not quite familiar).

After that, I took a turn. I created what was then called Halo: Infinity, which was short for Infinite Horizons, an underlying theme in my writing. It was just a red link category for a while, and it centered around an (unrealistically) massive civil war between the quickly regenerated UNSC and a URF that maintained a standing army of hundreds of thousands of trained soldiers, something any veteran would know to be excessively unrealistic; accordingly, Ajax gave me the first of many lickings I continue to embrace. Once we got all that straightened out, things began to finally improve. I expanded upon the most war era and laid out a series of wars, all of which are still some of my top articles/projects. There were dozens of half-assed ship articles, and an "elaborate" ODST article that had some fun on the lake.

It wouldn't be until I finally decided to venture onto the IRC (under the alias of 0rbital, as I had forgotten my password following a modest hiatus), and met knew people. I joined the pint-sized Against All Odds, and despite that even today I have not more that five articles in it, I discovered the community that runs Halo Fanon like a mafia. It's a strict mafia, but a very open one, indeed. At this time, I finally remembered my password to my main account (mind you, I was the miraculous SPARTAN Rozh, back then) and caught the community's attention ever so slightly; Rozh spoke for the first time outside of aggravated run-ins with Administrators and other then-veterans.

From here, things rocketed up and away. A little category had sprung up into the much more elaborate Infinityverse, which now has nearly 500 articles. Taradia, my unarguably best article, transformed from a boring industrial dead-end into the post-war jewel of Humanity, and more importantly, my first Good Article. The main areas of expansion now are the various factions that so many pages link to, namely the UNSC (and its branches), and the maniacal and rejuvenated Royal Empire, brainchild of ambitious Loyalist leaders; in addition, I'm going to attempt to voice my opinion of the Sangheili through the vicious warrior Xar 'Mantakree, a ruthless killer that nevertheless bears the burden of war upon himself.

My next ambition is an upcoming project coming up in late January to early February, which will hopefully launch the project into collaboration status. It'll be a challenge as I don't want to recruit from other collaborations, so new users shall be my key. Getting the concept across of a massive project around two months in the making won't be easy, though I think it can be done. It's only forward from here as we shall see where not only I, but also the Infinityverse and Halo Fanon as a whole, will travel.

Rozh (Tik Tok) 20:21, December 31, 2010 (UTC)
If this needs to be namespaced, just let me know.

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