As far as I can tell, Noble Causes has gotten no views.-pfft, I was told that when I moved to Fanon I'd get more, but this isn't-i guess because Legends was so small it was easier to kep up, and read everything. Oh well.

I keep trying to develope Nova's character... I think she's coming out well. I think I've made a good plot hook:

Ensign Nova-333 is a SPARTAN III, fresh out of training, when those from her company are dispersed among various SPARTAN teams, she ends up with none other than the biggest and baddest, Noble Team! A bit nervous after introductions, with her left robotic arm, and right robotic leg, Nova finds herself in a sparing match within only half an hour of her arrival on the planet. Noble 1-Carter-259, finds that there is much more to this teenage SPARTAN than meets the eye. A file covered, and shielded by ONI sensors-fresh SPARTANs never had so much black ink, perhaps one with experience, but not one who had just finished training... and he begins to wonder who she really is. How is she involved with ONI... and will she be a danger to the team?

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