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October 16, 2009

Welcome, Papayaking, to Halo Fanon: the wiki where you can write fan-made article(s) about the popular Halo series! Just follow these 3 basic rules and you will be guaranteed not to be flamed!

Rule #1 - Follow Canon! - What is Canon? By definition, it is the body of works considered genuine or official within a fictional universe. For example, Bungie has officially claimed that there were only Seven Halos. So, face the fact and try not to be stupid enough to create another Halo, otherwise it will be Flamed.

Rule #2 - Mark Your Property! - Whenever you make an article, it is appropriate that you label your property with: {{Property|YourUsernameHere}} at the top of the article. If at some point you have not finished that article, just insert {{Under Construction|YourUsernameHere}} to notify other users that it is not complete.

Rule #3 - Sign Your Name! - Whenever you placed a comment on a talk page, please sign in your name, insert the --~~~~ at the bottom of your comment. When you press the "Save Page" button, Halo Fanon will automatically convert the --~~~~ to YOUR user name along with the time and date you posted. If you still have any problem on this method, just insert this alternative signature [[User:USERNAME|USERNAME]].

For more information on creating an article, visit the Halo Fan Fiction Guide Manual. It is extremely helpful and the language is very consistent with the teenagers of the present.

If you have any questions, ask the on duty admin or a member of the admin team


hi papayaking ...Um...hey?Papayaking 05:18, December 12, 2009 (UTC) payaking its me XXflamingblizzard--XXflamingblizzard 22:55, December 18, 2009 (UTC) i got blokced from halopedia forever :(--XXflamingblizzard 22:55, December 18, 2009 (UTC) 1: i did noy do anything(someone had to lie to ban me forever)2 i wanted to say halopedia does want you back 3:???? i wasnt on haloepdia for a week or 2 when that happedned(strider brother Genral Paradox made get banned for having 2 account)i never did tell anyone but my(not really mine)other account was my brother i just used it when he need help editing or when i got blocked!so i wont be on haloepdia anymore so bye!!--XXflamingblizzard 16:08, December 22, 2009 (UTC)

Here, I know the story in other words: He had two accounts ONLY on Halopedia. He never really did anything bad with them, but some guy found out, and he got banned. He didn't do anything bad with them, though, or so I believe.--Shade 20:03, December 21, 2009 (UTC)

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Thanks man.I dont think my work is that good though.

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