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The Utility Combatant Gauntlet gauntlet, or UCA is a standard issue UA bracer, modified by V-SOD 05 "Nerevar" CO Colonel James Brooklyn. The UCA functions as additional armor plating, and a CQC weapon when loaded with the Mission Ballistic Combat Knife (MBCK) V.2598 and emergency 12 gauge round.

The UCA's MBCK is mounted on the opposite side of the gauntlet (e.g the location of straps, opposite of the TACPAD input), steel springs and loading carriage and standard combat straps. The gauntlet releases the blade when the wearer's ring finger is pressed down into his or her palm, triggering a signal in the V-SOD V/ORION Powered Armour, letting the heavy duty spring release, the blade is thrust out the opening, and the MBCK's Titanium-A blade is locked in place, effectively creating a retractable knife to be released quickly in combat.

The UCA's second most prominent feature is a mount for the Civilian/Military Disposable Emergency Weapon system or M-DEWS, firing either a .50A&E round, or a 12 gauge shell. Fired by a pressure sensitive button when the safety is released, the UCA can be a tool of last resort, a door breaching weapon and a CQC weapon. The M-DEWS contains an advanced, though temporary recoil reduction system using the standard UNSC Recoil Reduction systems and an impact 'sponge' composed of Air Force originated impact gel. When the M-DEWS is linked to a power source (e.g V-SOD Powered Armour) the laser sight on the weapon activates when triggered by the user's neural interface.

UCA's come in two main variants, the standard UCA mentioned above, which contains numerous 'slots' for small attatchments, and the tactical variant.

The UCA mk. II 'Tactical' made out of Titanium-L Battleplating, used on M9 ATV's is a lighter, more durable version of the privately made UCA I. The T-UCA's main improvement is the attatchment rail for either V-SOD TACPADs, or standard ORION Bandoleer's and GPS systems.

UCA saw its first use on New world in 2601 during the rise of insurgent activity, used by David Andeisha against insurgent militia. The UCA has since been used by other UNSCDF Personnel, such as V/ORION III and M-SOF and the Army's Air force operators which all are without the M-DEWS system.