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V/SOD Ghost-01 utilizing D-Pass V2.0 Prototype Infiltration Power Armour

V/ORION Augmented Forces Operators are always given a choice of weapon loadouts before being deployed into combat. Though not always availiable, most V/ORION Units are deployed from the UNSCDF 'Capital Law', a UNSC Raven-class colony ship. The UNSCDF Capital Law is stocked with nearly no Ship-to-Ship weaponry, relying on Sangheili designed stealth systems to be able to deploy soldiers quickly, and with control.

The Capital law is stocked with over 4500 suits of Dedicated Powered Armour Stealth-Capable Systems (DPass), meant for use by the V/ORION units. The ship's armory is loaded with over 20,000 weapons systems in total, manufactured by Voron and Misriah.

Standard 'Direct-Combat' Loadout

Body Armour: D-PASS Undersuit (Layers filled with fresh water, 2 day supply)
Power Armour: D-PASS VX.X
-Helmet: V/ORION Combat Helmet (Includes visor, air seal, communications, tri-focal optics and command uplink)
-Chest Piece: Assault Bandoleer (XH-Variant: 7 Dual XH pouches, 5 M6 Pouches)
-Visor: Polarized Silver
-Shoulder Pauldrons: Sceptre V/ORION Active Camouflage Units (Armoured)
-Wrists: Precision grip
-Gauntlets: TACPAD, UCA (V/SOD Only)
-Knee Guards: FJ/PARA
-Belt: XH Bandoleer+ (5 XH Pouches)
-Back: Sceptre Radio
Main Weapon: XH-98/A3 Combat Rifle
Secondary Weapon: X-322B Pistol
Miscellaneos: 2x Fragmetional Grenades, 3x Flashbangs, 2x Archangel Combat knives, 1x Emergency Pistol.