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The VR-57 deep space mine (nicknamed the Antlion) was a thermonuclear explosive device intended for deep space warfare. Most commonly laid by escort-grade vessels of the United Nations Space Command Navy, the Antlion proved to be more than sufficient in eliminating unknowing hostile vessels.


It consisted of four primary components: an outer shell, a warhead, a limited propulsion system, and a basic integrated computer suite.

  • Shell - The protective case housing the core assets of the VR-57 was the least complex part. Forged from durable Vanadium Steel, it efficiently and cheaply defended against minor threats.
  • Warhead - The Antlion's most notable component was its thermonuclear fusion warhead. Using a radioactive material as the fuel and catalyst for the explosion, it releases a force of nearly five hundred kilotons upon detonation, more than enough to cripple an unshielded vessel.
  • Propulsion - The VR-57 was granted a limited capability of mobility. It utilized four elementary ion particle acceleration engines on various axes, allowing for travel in virtually any direction, albeit at a slow pace. This propulsion system allowed the mines to travel closer to designated targets if possible.
  • Computers - Included within each space mine is a small, basic computer suite. It is capable of receiving remote operational commands, scanning for moving objects in a specified range, etc.