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The Vadam Legacies are a series of stories created by Sonasaurus and written by various Against All Odds authors. There are currently 21 stories in the series, 3 of which are complete.

Story Time setting Author(s) Status Author's rating
Fate of the Condemned 1492—1497 Pending
Journey of Lies 2530—2531 Pending
The Darkest Hour 2548—2552 Sonasaurus Complete StarStar full.pngStar full.pngStar full.pngStar empty.png
Breaking the Covenant 2552—2553 Sonasaurus Complete StarStar full.pngStar full.pngStar full.pngStar empty.png
The Fallen 2553—2556 Sonasaurus Incomplete
The Rift 2559 Sonasaurus
Complete StarStar full.pngStar full.pngStar full.pngStar half.png
Warpath 2560 Leo Fox
Stel' Vadam
Shrugging Off the Chains 2564—2571 Maslab
Leo Fox
Stel' Vadam
Light of the Abyss 2569 Pending
Blood Brothers 2567—2577 Sonasaurus
Stel' Vadam
The Way of Things 2573—2577 Sonasaurus Incomplete
Guardian Angels 2577—2580 Pending
Family and Foes 2577—2579 Pending
Unforgotten Bitterness 2582 Pending
The Phoenix's Judgement 2583—2588 Pending
Peril on Sanghelios 2592 Pending
Deep Secrets 2596 Sonasaurus Pending
Eye of the Storm 2624 Pending
Incessant Fire 2643 Pending
Last Stand 2679 Pending
The Final Solstice 2721 Pending

Members of the Vadam Family

157th Generation

170th Generation

171st Generation

172nd Generation

173rd Generation


Ther 'Vadam — Deceased as of the 5th Age of Discovery.
Lak 'Vadam — Deceased as of the 3rd Age of Amendment.
Adra 'Vadam — Deceased as of the 8th Age of Amendment.

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