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Biographical information


Date of birth

Circa 100,000 BC

Date of death

2575 AD

Physical description

N/A (usually appears male)



Hair color


Eye color

Three green eyes

Chronological and political information
Notable Facts

Last surviving member of a Forerunner genetic weapons project

  • Forerunner (formerly)
  • Plainsfierians (faux)
  • Himself

Vallus was an ancient Forerunner creation with origins in the Forerunner-Flood War, who survived to become involved in the Covenant-Plainsfier War and later the Vallus Incident of 2575.



Vallus was created as part of a Forerunner experiment during the Forerunner-Flood War: discovering the ancestors of the shape-shifting Plainsfierian race, the Forerunners took their DNA and, using their meager knowledge of genetic engineering (meager, that this, when compared to Precursor prowess, from whom the Forerunners had learned), they created slightly altered creatures that they deemed capable of defeating the Flood. Sure enough, these beasts were powerful enough to destroy legions of Flood, and their unique mental structure made him immune to absorption.

Sadly, while two dozen of these “Flood Killers” were created, they soon proved a good idea gone wrong: to aid in the beasts' offensive capabilities, the shape-shifting skills of the “Proto-Plainsfierians” were retained, allowing the creatures to appear as anything they willed; in addition, the creatures carried with them a lower-priority AI's sentience. Soon, the creatures turned on their masters: the Forerunners were forced to kill them, one by one, and, despite the pleas of several notable scientists, the Forerunner leaders began the Halo Array's construction instead, deeming these “Flood Killers” too dangerous a project to continue.

However, one of these beasts did manage to survive: residing inside the abandoned Forerunner facility on Plainsfier that had served as the project's headquarters, this sole survivor of his kind stayed mostly hidden, only leaving to feed and to gather new DNA. However, over time, the creature put itself into hibernation, leaving long tentacles active to absorb DNA through them across almost a continent's area around the beast. And so, the creature slumbered, waiting for a chance to arise, absorb and grow.....

Covenant-Plainsfier War

The Plainsfierians ancestors had seen this beast in its' ancient days of wandering, and perceived it as some embodiment of the planet, a wrathful deity they dubbed “Vallus”. In time, of course, Vallus became little more than a legend, a bedtime story: that ideal changed at last during the Covenant-Plainsfier War. With the Covnenat pressing ever closer to Plainsfier, a Plainsfieri admiral named Zeyla Droln covertly ordered a Plainsfier special operations team to enter the now sealed Forerunner facility – which the Plainsfierians had gathered technology from until two centuries prior, when further excavation was deemed “too dangerous” by the Tribal Chiefs – with orders to see what other technology, if any, they could gather.

What they found was Vallus. Awakened from his millenia long slumber, the beast discovered the great stores of DNA that had been gathered over the ages to be most grand and useful. Vallus set out to take control of this world that had served as his home and granted him so much power: however, as soon as Zeyla discovered the beast's existence, she attempted to gain it's assistance in fighting off the Covenant. Vallus agreed, but, in his ensuing fight aboard a Covenant frigate, he seized control of the frigate and made a slipspace jump away, escaping from Plainsfier: Zeyla and her medium-sized fleet jumped after him, seeking to exact vengeance upon the traitorous entity and perhaps force him to continue fighting for them; unfortunately, this was not to be, as all but three ships of the fleet were destroyed when they exited slipspace to find Vallus within an asteroid field. While the computer-like, AI-level intelligence of Vallus steered his ship rather safely through the asteroids, most of the Plainsfier ships were destroyed by them, while the remainder (save the three) and Vallus crashed onto a nearby planet when it released an EMP blast, much to the surprise of all those present.

The remaining three ships returned to Plainsfier space, never knowing that Vallus had in fact survived on the swamp/ocean world below them. There, he once again remained in hibernation, and remained there for centuries with only a slight disturbance during the Plainsfier Uprising.

The Vallus Incident

In 2575, Vallus was once again awoken by the Covenant Remnants: breaking loose, Vallus caused no short amount of havoc across three star systems before being killed at last by Janus Droln – Zeyla's son – with the aid of Combat Team Draekus and Riker-012


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