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Varassa Zertaroy
Biographical information


Date of birth


Date of death


Physical description

Supreme Military Command Councillor








All weapons

  • Personal Overshield
  • Personal Invisibility System

All ground vehicles and light air vehicles

Hair color


Eye color


  • Night and thermo vision headset system
  • Inter holo-com comunication system
Chronological and political information
  • old Covenant
  • Covenant Neutralists

Varrassa Zertaroy is one of the most rspected female Elite in the entire CNE. She is the leader, and ambassador in the Supreme Council, for the military of the CNE. There were some doubts about her being such a high ranking Elite because of her gender but despite these doubts she has shown loyalty and skill throughout many aspects of the CNE. She started life off in the suburbs of a city on Sanghelios and worked her way up through to a successful busisness in this city. Her family were very supportive of her and she too, like many other CN citizens, appreciated all forms of life but despite her natural softness and loving she is very strong and challenging when it comes down to business.

These skills have helped her to make relationships, which no normal person would, and then invest in only the finest of industries to generate the most amount of income she possibly can. Even though Zertaroy is very strong mentally, she shows explicit strenght in battlefield situations. At the age of 22 she joined the CNE military, in 2548 as a CN Scout and proved her strength and skill. She fought in many battles as a Scout (and then a CN Scout Prime) and was then promoted to a CN Ultra. She was honored by this rank but then saw better prospects in life than just being a battlefield soldier. Because of her decisions she, was offered and, accepted to become part of the military council, in 2550. Three years later she was a CN Imporator aboard the Sapphire Abyss and was, shortly after, elected Supreme Military Command Councillor and became part of the Supreme Council but most importantly the commander of the CN's entire military.

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