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Biological information

Synthetic; Research Base Z53A8

Physical description

7ft 9in



Skin color

Dull Yellow/Gray


Long thick trunk

Military and Political information

DL-2 Plasma Dispersion Rifle


Drone, Soldier, Hive Queen


Vale 'Razumee and Raga 'Fersamee



The Velcan are a synthetic Species created by the brilliant scientist Vale 'Razumee and High Councilor Raga 'Fersamee While they were finishing the project something went terribly, terribly wrong: the Velcan escaped. They took with them the DL-2 Plasma Dispersion Rifle.

Physical Appearance

The Velcans appear to be an Exoskeletal species with a large, hard Trunk. Not much else is known about the Velcans, as Vale and Raga deleted the files so nobody else would find the Velcans.


The Velcans seem to be a very aggressive species, attacking anyone on first sight. Their only known hesitation is caused by the sight of their creators. They are intelligent enough to know how to fire a weapon. Gratefully they are not intelligent enough to make a plan and work it out. Notably, they survive through animal-like instict.


The Velcans can reproduce whenever they like, but in order to do so, they must first build a hive.

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