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The Visual Intelligence System, Reconnaissance, often referred to simply as VISR, is a piece of equipment utilized by the Orbital Drop Shock Troopers. The term generally applies to a series of similar operating systems rather than a single product.


Note: the following is an excerpt from this page and details the M51 system.

The VISR can link into a multitude of infrastructure systems at the local, national, and global levels, administered on a need/rating basis, allowing the user to store and review up to 610MB of audio files, as well as street navigational data, receive real-time mission data, and other important functions. It also includes low-light vision enhancement systems, raising the brightness of the surrounding area on the users Heads-Up-Display and highlighting personnel or equipment of interest - "friendly" combatants are highlighted in green, "enemy" combatants are highlighted in red, usable equipment and weaponry are highlighted in blue, while other points of interest are highlighted in yellow.


Developed in mid-2624, the VISR-24 operating system was a great improvement over the aging VISR-51. Rather than storing only 610 megabytes of data, the new model could efficiently hold up to three gigabytes of data, including:

  • Audio files
  • Street navigational data
  • Real-time satellite imagery
  • Information on the status of nearby allies within ten kilometer radius
  • Friend-or-foe designator w/ neutral and civilian designators
  • Up-to-date query and briefing logs
Note: one or more of these applications may require external support, i.e. tactical satellites, previous charts, etc.

Combined with the cunning of the M94 Body Suit, the Visual Intelligence System, Reconnaissance-24 gave orbital-drop shock troopers and other special forces operators the ability to outperform to a greater extent than in previous situations; this upper edge was further supported by the fact that the VISR-24 was just as affordable as previous models,yet much more cost-effective. The VISR-24's reign would last until it was replaced by an even more capable model in 2689. It is also worth noting that a down-scaled version of the VISR-24 was in use with Marines and |Army infantrymen between 2655 and 2722.