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Interplanetary War, Human-Covenant War, Necros War




Created during the post-Interplanetary War era when buy outs, sell outs, mega-conglomerate corporations, bankruptcy and subsidization were corporation constants, Wal-Mart Target was created in a desperate attempt to salvage both of the dying companies. During a time when internationals economics were in a difficult spot, the Wal-Mart/Target merger managed to save the super-suppliers, with them rising to be the top supermarket chain in UN space in a century's time.

By the time of the Human-Covenant War, Wal-Mart Target had gained two or three supplier competitors, but they remained the best of the best until the Necros War, when the "extinction situation" turned sales into anyone's game with joint situation of massive amounts of sales to fleeing refugees and the bulks sales to the AUR armed forces.


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Nintendo-Microsoft Electronics

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