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The Way of the Esrevinu is the main religion of the Esrevinu. Only another is reported to be worshipped but it only has a few followers, only ranging in the dozens.


No one knows long the religion had been around but is believed to date back to the beginning. An old decoded tablet states that 3 brothers were visited by the Lesser Gods of their religion. They told the brothers that they were their creators. Then they brought their minds with them to their realm, showing and teaching them history. The 3 brothers took what they said to heart and embraced what they taught. The Gods gave them a mission: to convert their race. The 3 went around, preaching their Gods' teachings. At first, they were met with hostilities. The Converts were being hunted down, prosecuted, and mercilisey killed. Their first major conversion was the leader of one the powerful tribes. The other tribes would soo follow. The Whole Esrevinu race would be converted to the religion and it would remain that until their destruction by the firing.

After their enlightenment, it was described that their religion was needed to fully use their powers, for you need a calm and peacful mind to use. Any other thoughts will make it ineffective.