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The Wild Seven is a group of seven Machina, each from a different city, that managed to free the rest of their race from the iron grip of the Church. After their daring raid, of which only three survived, they were immortalized and served as the leaders of the race, and their families became the Seven Lineages.

Reformed Wild Seven

The Wild Seven was reformed into a larger catch all special forces group in 2506, with the focus shifted off the seven man special forces unit to 7 Combat Task Forces, forming the entirety of the special forces ability of the Machina. The formation in each task group is non-standard, with most forces being centred around small, custom built special forces units, usually recruited by their commanding officers to form special task units.


Members of the Original Wild Seven

  • Avellian Mako
  • Catuga Benvora
  • Jakhir Jastenon
  • Mavelka Kreigor
  • Urvana Gaust
  • Kaden Fondera
  • Hurk Argenta

Known Units