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Unit Background

Special Operations


UNSC Phoenix-class Cruiser-Carrier "Primordial Sun"

Unit Motto

In victoria pertinacia (Victory in determination)

Unit size

6 Operators

Current Commander
Current Status



Winter Team is a SPARTAN fireteam attached to the Special Warfare Command, comprised of six SPARTAN-III Supersoldiers. The team was made up of members recruited into HEADHUNTER, an initiative by Codename: DRACULA, and part of Project INDIGO-II - a top secret high-priority supersoldier development program - more specifically, the so-called reserves of the HEADHUNTER project - relegated to more mainstream special operations rather than the suicide missions behind enemy lines undertaken by the other headhunters (though on occasion the team would be used by DRACULA as his private grim reaper force), until they were needed to fill in for fallen or exhausted headhunters. Due to its status as reserves, the team has ranged in size and composition, from the maximum of five members at the HEADHUNTER project's peaks to a single member after many headhunter casualties. The current team had its numbers bolstered to six, thanks to a new pair and a survivor from another pair from the completed Gamma batch of Headhunters being added, and and the only intact pair from the Beta batch being recalled to aid in the defense of Earth.



Behind the scenesEdit

  • None of the team members are of American origin (as opposed to members of almost all other Spartan units, canon or fanon); rather, they're European (Nessa and Alexander) and Asian (Hào, Varghese, Jane and Yelizaveta) in origin.