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(Numen conca)


Average weight

580 Ibs

Skin Color


Average lifespan

60 Earth years


1 (confirmed)

Spoken Languages
  • English (adopted and fluent)
  • Precursor Era
  • Fall of the Precursor Era
  • Globalization Era
  • Colonial and Insurrection Era
  • The Great War Era
  • Post-war Era
  • Spider-like figure

The Xolotl (Taxonomically Numen conca) was a large, organic specimen discovered by an Interstellar Union science team composed of two humans, two nimant, and one omaan, at an undisclosed location within 90 light-years from the omaan homeworld. The creature was forcefully apprehended for study, and in the process, killed one human, and injured one nimant. The being was studied from a small enclosure for three days, in which it was determined that the being was venomous, as well as quite intelligent. On the third day, it astounded its captors, revealing that it was speech capable, and fluent in English. The being deemed itself an xolotl, and suggested that his species had appeared throughout each of the researcher's species histories, many millenia ago. It then demanded to be freed and returned, in exchange for information. It threatened that his species would engage the Interstellar Union in a swift war if they failed to comply. The team reluctantly agreed, and it was revealed that it's kind had influenced the cultures of humans native to South America in the distant past. It also hinted towards the existence of the Precursors, who had founded the Order of the Mantle.