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Glassing of Eayn


Yanme'e-UNSC Joint Defensive Campaign


Masaban War

Yanme'e-UNSC Joint Defensive Campaign
Hyper Beam Strike

Thrax's secret weapon annihilating Dac Bnea's stronghold.


Rogue Clan War


Friday, March 20th, 2564


On the border between the Quee, Yanme'e Emirates, UNSC, and Jackal Clan Alliance


Decisive UNSC-Yanme'e-Quee victory


Yanme'e Emirates



Rogue Jackal Clan Mesiy, later Insurrectionist Union (IU)


Queen Lok'Nok (Yanme'e) KIA, High Queen Pol'Teq

Lieutenant Colonel Mark Nickels (UNSC)

Thrax, Certus (Quee)

Despotess Terik G'Yar (Jackal) KIA, Dac Bnea KIA


Yanme'e Armada

23 CCS-Battlecruisers, 12 Assault Carriers, 1 Super Carrier, the Insurrectionist Union and thousands of mercenaries.


High Queen Lok'Nok, billions of Drone soldiers and civilians.

Billions of soldiers and civilians

Jackal Despotess Terik G'Yar, Dac Bnea, the entire Mesiy clan and billions of Kig-Yar and all IU factions

The Campaign

The joint venture was first thought of after the rogue Jackal pirate clan, Mesiy, began several succesful attacks in Quee, Yanme'e, and UNSC territory. The Yanme'e immediately counterattacked, but were defeated after being ambushed. Attempting to hold off enemy forces, the Yanme'e defense was broken through, and a distress signal detailing Queen Lok'Noks plans was sent to the UNSC on Earth. Human forces, commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Mark Nickels were rapidly sent into action, and were deployed on the Yanme'e and Quee border worlds. Operating from a reclaimed colony world, the Yanme'e Armada searched far and wide for the location of the Mesiy clans leaders. Instead, they found its single operating Super Carrier flying in its direction. Scanning the moon it was coming from, the Armada sent corvettes to sneak behind and reconnoiter the area. The Super Carrier detected 1, and shot it down. The fleet opened fire, decimating the ship. It initiated a self destruct sequence, but unknown to the fleet master it was carrying a stolen NOVA bomb. When it exploded, the moon was completely destroyed, and only half of the fleet fled back to Palamok.

A deeper plot was within. The NOVA bomb had been stolen by a terrorist known as Dac Bnea. He had made deals with the Jackals and they fought alongside him, but he didn't show his face until many were dead, revealing more to this war. It turned out Dac Bnea' had secretly made alliances with all of the galaxies insurrectionist groups, forming the Insurrectionist Union. Supplying each other with weapons, vehicles, and food, the IU held off the campaigns forces for 3 years. However, the Prowler from the original assault was still active, and discovered and reported Dac Bnea's hidden stronghold. Realizing the IU leaders were threatened, Dac Bnea organized and launched a super Tet Offensive, killing billions of people and causing an almost complete wipeout of the Coalitions's forces. The campaign was completely halted, and fell all the way back to Earth. High Queen Lok'Nok was dead, and the Yanme'e were forced to get one of its last surviving lesser Queens, Pol'Teq, to assume power. Having trained for this her entire life, Queen Pol'Teq easily reorganized Yanme'e troops, and Mark Nickels reorganized the UNSC forces. Thrax the Quee began construction on a secret weapon that would later be revealed. With a massive portion of the galaxy under Bnea's control, he recruited thousands of mercenaries to supplement his forces. He then doublecrossed the Insurrectionist Union, killing its leaders and dissolving the galaxies rebel factions. Now at full strength, charging forward like the Soviet Union in WW2, the Yanme'e-UNSC Joint Defensive Campaign became an offensive, and retook all its lost territory, the final blow was dealt after Mark Nickels himself killed Dac Bnea and his army with Thrax's secret weapon, a prototype nuclear warhead twice as powerful as a NOVA bomb. The galaxy was pulled from total anarchy, and peace was restored.


The immediate aftermath of the Yanme'e-UNSC Joint Defensive Campaign was the cost of it. With over 2 billion people dead across the galaxy, and reconstruction costs almost 3 times as much as the Human-Covenant War, the Yanme'e Emirates and the UNSC were left bankrupt. However, through perseverance and the seizure of all of Dac Bnea's plunder, they rose from the depression and rebuilt the galaxy to its former glory. The Yanme'e and the UNSC signed a permanent strategic alliance, and defeated the remnants of the thoroughly decimated rebel groups, freeing the galaxy from the constant thrall of assymetricl for the first time in 30 years. The Quee went back to their ways of peace and science, and once out of the depression, continued building weapons from UNSC supplies, and shipping them to the UNSC. A lesser known thing was that the Jackal Clan Alliance, the main fighting area, was thoroughly decimated, and was forced to disband, leaving the Jackals with out an nation. Many fled to the Grunt Republic, but whta was left of the JCA had no military at all and was absorbed into the increasingly hostile Yanme'e Emirates by 2580.

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