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Yanme'e Queen

What the hell is this thing?!!!-Joseph-110


A Queen is the leader of a Yanme'e hive. Only some of the appeared in the series, one in the ceremony of the prophets, and one appeared physically in the fanon game:Halo: Sword as the fifth boss. The Queen is guarded by drones, that are wake all day from prevent anyone to get to her. They seen to be violent with any species that threats them, even covenant allies. The one that appears in the game lives in the deepest level on the New Mombasa nuclear Factory. She seems to have 10 meters. She is immobile, but she can attack with her two giant arms. With a great fight, Joseph-110 managed to open the reactor just in the chamber room, and lock the queen inside. She, with all of her drones then died in the explosion. This resulted in the death of all the Yanme'e in New Mombasa died.