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Zachary Drogen
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Zachary Drogen is the Captain on the Shadow-class Frigate the UNSC Dark Star and commands the squadron she is in. He is the long time comrade of Codename: REGAN and a tactically brilliant captain.


Drogen, after finishing High School in 2526, immediatly signed up for Officer Candidate School and soon began his training on Luna. Immediatly he became recognized for his unorthodox tactics and battle techniques, using hit and run, something not heavily favoured in the UNSC Navy. As a result, he gained a realtively low graduation mark and considered dropping out when he was approached by an ONI officer. His exploits had caught their attention, looking for a competent officer to command the Dark Star, now nearing completion. He was immediatly retrained by ONI Section 3 and soon, after serving a tour of duty, he was commisioned to Captain in a unorthodox move and given full command of the ship. He is effectively a meber of ONI Section three and privvy to many of their secret projects. He served in Operation: HYPODERMIC, Operation DOGMA and was attached to many Battle groups and assigned to hgih risk infiltration missions until 2552 whn it was requested he evacuate his old comrade, REGAN, from the ruins of Reach. After that he participated in Operation: KITSUNE, Operation: MORNINGSTAR and Operation: JAILBREAK.

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