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Nirvash TypeZERO Spec2
Zeratanis "PeaceKeeper" Benvora
Biographical information


Date of birth


Physical description

Executor Grade 1






Hover Board


Hover Board

Eye color

Left is Blue Right is Pink

Frame Type

Slim and colored Red, White, and Black respectively

Chronological and political information

Necros War


Machina, Alliance of United Races


"War is eternal. Conflict only brings us pain and suffering. All that needs to happen is to bring stabillity and a unified government. But that will never happen. The thought of Peace is only in our minds. Just a dream and never a reality"

Zeratanis Benvora was a highly renowned Machina that ranked as an Executor Grade 1 and is well known for his skills with the highly unique hoverboard.


"I never liked the ideals of fighting. I always saw the flaws in that idea and I don't want to take part in fighting. War is irrevilant. I will fight if I have to, but it must be of the most dire of circumstances. And when I do, there is no going back."
―Zeratanis as he stared at a sunset

Early Life

Zertanis Benovora or "Peacekeeper" by his companions and friends was born on the Machina Homeworld of Kastella

Taking Strifalex Under His Wing

"When I first saw Strifalex during the training excerise. I knew I had found someone that I could take under my wing. There would be lots of days that Strifalex would hate but eventually, he'll see the truth why. I picked him because I thought that he will eventually become of our greatest Executors our millitary had ever had. But then again, I was wrong. And that further sent me down a path where I began to mistrust everyone. My Apprentice, who is now my greatest enemy, has fallen to the grasp of the Monsters."
―Zeratanis remarking his Fallen Comrade

Strifalex's Capture

His Return and Betrayal

Necros War

Bitter Encounter




750px-Nirvash TypeZERO Spec1

"I am Zeratanis."

"It took years for me to me fully master this equipment. But when I finally did, I felt so free and flew with grace. Like it was an artform."
―Zeratanis upon examining his board and explaining his board to a curious soldier


"Well Peace. I had upgraded your frame to incorpate your Hoverboard, which is now split into two parts, onto your shoulders. Now, all you need to do is detach them and and then attach to recreate your board. Another added bonus is that it can now be used as shield of some sorts. Also, the board has a retractable laser where you fight while airborne when unarmed. But don't rely heavily on them, remember it is your Hoverboard and it can still break."
―Machina Builder


"Why must we fight? Can't we drop our weapons and live in unity? But now, I realize that will never be. All we can do now is keep the peace and stop us from destroying ourselves. But what can we do to that? All we do is fight and fight. We will be put into utter chaos. We must face the fact that Peace will never reign. It will be there yes, but Chaos will rise and take the throne. So fight for peace but nevertheless, it won't last forever."

Originally, Zeratanis was not always not into peace. Instead, he was an avid explorer with a carefree personality that loved to fight. He went to join the millitary early. But during his service, he was forced to do several things that he heavily objected too, but he recluantly followed. Over the years, his once happy ethuasim diminished and was replaced with a coldness. His love of war died and was replaced with a yearning of peace or thoughts of peace that will never come. Thus Zeratanis gained his name not from battle but through his way of thought. Zeratanis always talked about peace and chaos and how the battle will never end. To some, he may seem like a Pacifist but that is truly false. He will fight but only if he has a powerful and strong reason to do so for he is against the thought of war. But underneath his cold attitude was actually a loyal person that does what he must to complete the mission and save his companions.

Zeratanis preferred to not take a life unless in dire curcumstances such as the Necros War where he became an active member of the army and fought with a purpose. He is rather skilled in stealth and assassination and has an interest in arts and music. While not on duty, he is said to wonder off and look at scenery. He preferred to fight alone, seeing that if he fought with others, they would die close to him. He undertook missions that required only him or him to work with a partner. And if the need arises, Zeratanis would be on the battlefield with others.


Strifalex Benvora

"I'm sorry Strifalex. But I have failed you as a mentor and friend."
―Zeratanis lamenting on former apprentice's downfall


  • The picture is from the anime known as Eureka 7. Robot is called the Nirvash.
  • His nickname is a reference to Peace but it is also a play on the name for he must fight to attain peace or so it is said.