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Zinko Missile
M1901 Zinko Nuclear Missile
Production information
  • Nuclear Warhead: Generation Technology
  • Early Design: Alto Weapon Factories
  • Delivery System: Jennings & Rall
  • Ballistic Missile
  • Anti-ship munition

74,000,000 cR a missile

Technical specifications
  • 38,600 kilometers (ICBM)
  • 100,500 kilometers (Ship-to-Ship)

United Nations Space Command


The M1901 Zinko Nuclear Missile, or more simply known as just the Zinko Nuclear Missile after its designer Robert Zinko, was developed in 2552 as a ship-to-ship munitions intended to replace the aging SHIVA class missile. The Zinko has a variable blast yield which can range from 10 to 30 megatons and features a lithium triteride casing. They were found on many ships in the UNSC, such as the UNSC Las Vegas. Later in the design phase, a variant of the original Zinko was developed to serve as a ICBM.

Important Uses

  • Multiple tests in the Hut-Ton Star System and the planet Stow
  • The Battle Of Nervo II
  • The Fifth Battle of Wayne