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Alpha Jiralhanae








Gravity Hammer (Grinder of Glory)

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Silver-colored fur

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Human-Covenant War


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Zrackus was a high-ranking member in the Jiralhanae Alpha Tribes, as well as the first female in decades to hold such a position. She was also one of only six Jiralhanae females in the race's recordable history to have completed a Tolrocht, which is usually only carried out by males. Despite her gender, she was a highly influencial part of the Alpha Tribes. Her power was further enforced when she became the temporary mate of Tartarus, the Chieftain of the Jiralhanae. Much like her mate, she was fanatically devoted in the Great Journey, and was thus entrusted with the mission to find and secure the Labyrinth Array.

Although successfully moving through the Aperture Relic portal with a sizeable task force and numerous hardened legions and packs, human and Sangheilian forces pursued, and upon arrival in orbit of Magus, the first labyrinth, the two forces were locked in heavy battle. Despite impressive tactical prowess for a Jiralhanae, she was outsmarted by the Sangheili commander Ultom 'Keltam and lost most of her fleet. She ordered the remaining ships to regroup at the edge of the system, stranding much of the ground forces on Magus to be defeated by the UNSC-Sangheili forces. When the Acolytes of Devotion arrived, snatched the Magus Labyrinth's AI overseer and escaped into slipspace, Zrackus' task force was able enter the slipspace wake, arriving at Pyre, the second labyrinth.

There, while the UNSC and Sangheili fought to contain the Flood that the Acolytes had released, Zrackus took the opportunity and boarded the fleeing Acolyte ship, capturing the AI. Through it, Zrackus learned of Mandorla, and assumed it to be the Labyrinth Core Facility. Then the task force left for Mandorla, again pursued by the UNSC-Sangheili task force.