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Lieutenant Commander Michael Pomare, Office of Naval Intelligence, UNSCDF Navy
ONI Seal 1
""There was honour in our Covenant once. But that honour withered a long time ago, as the Prophets turned from the path the Ancient Ones forged. For more than three thousand cycles, we have followed a Covenant of blood and shame, a dishonour to our fathers' fathers, an affront to the Gods, and a stain upon our honour that will never truly wash away. But no more. The blind followers have opened their eyes, and have glimpsed the true face of betrayal - and we have good memories. Our war of vengeance shall burn a path of glory through the stars, sweeping our foes aside like a sacred wind, and our names and deeds shall be sung for a thousand years!" "
―Fleet Master Zuro Dun 'Xoramee
Reach 5725256 Medium
Zuro Dun 'Xoramee
Biographical information


Physical description







Energy Sword, Carbine

Chronological and political information
Notable Events

Kaaranese Sangheili


Sangheili Armed Forces



Early Life

Human-Covenant War

Great Schism

War of Vengeance

Second Great War

Cold War Era

Third Great War


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